Sports Fawad Alam The Hard working Person gives us The...

Fawad Alam The Hard working Person gives us The Lesson


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Today, in National Stadium an incredible and exciting inning was played by a struggling Batsman of Pakistan named Fawad Alam.
Pakistan is playing a test series against South Africa in Pakistan. The favourable conditions for the host team first give the benefit to the ballers to perform for their country. Pakistani ballers wipe out the batting line of South Africa in the first day of the first Test match remaining 10.4 overs for the day South African batsman only manage to make 220 runs in first Innings.
Pakistani openers Imran Butt and Abid Ali returned to the dressing room early in the First session and then Babar Azam and Shaheen shah Afridi were also bowled out early in day 2. The struggling Pakistan team with the lose of 2 wickets just scored only 27 runs.
Now here comes the real twist in the game. It is famous for the team of Pakistan that “one minute down and next minute up”. So the team was struggling to achieve the lead given by the South African team but the partnership between Azhar Ali and Fawad Alam helps the hosting side to score high against the South Africans.
Fawad Alam is the hard-working and struggling player in the team he is playing in National team after the 11 years of a wait because of the dirty politics in the PCB. The talented batsman scored his First century after he comes back in National team against New Zealand in New Zealand and Today he also tells the cricket fans that I am the man that national team wants by his performance. Today he scored 109 runs in National Stadium and from his innings the team score 308 at the end of the day 2 and 8 wickets have been fallen.
Fawad Alam is the guy from which we get a lesson that working hard and patience in life is very important. Many people just do hard-working but they do not have patience and get dishearted.
Submitted by Khizer Abbas, Date 31 January 2021.
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