World Building Castles in the Air

Building Castles in the Air


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It is very common for humans to dream while we are asleep but some of us dream when we are awake and this phenomenon is termed as “Building Castles in Air”. Almost all of us daydream about different things and situations and these are sometimes not even possible in real life. 

This process of building castles in the air is quite harmless and we can indulge in this activity without any charge.  We can daydream about being the richest person in the world, to have all the luxuries, to travel the world, about being the happiest person in the world and much more because the possibilities are endless. I admit that I have also daydreamed about many things but my most recurring daydream is about me getting my dream job and travelling the many parts of the world with my family and friends.

Most students like me have a tendency to daydream more as compared to others because they have dreams for their future which they want to achieve and this provides them with happiness even a false one and for only for a few moments.

But sometimes these daydreams can be harmful because they give a bit more happiness to some people and they start to live altogether in a world full of dreams. They lose their interest in real life in the actual world and they forget that daydreaming is just false happiness. Some people even forget their duties, they forget their responsibilities and become an absent-minded person altogether.

However, these are some extreme cases and all who “Build castles in the air” are not like this. This is just some harmless fun and we can enjoy it from time to time but we should keep ourselves grounded in reality.

Submitted by Sana Anwer, Date 03 February 2021.

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