Pakistan A 5-year-old kid driving

A 5-year-old kid driving


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Traffic rules and law are taken lightly in Pakistan and carry a questionable reputation. People keep violating traffic rules and most of them go unnoticed and are not fined for breaking the traffic laws. And some people even brag about how easily they broke the law and didn’t get caught.

But what happened in the afternoon is something out of this world. A 5-year-old boy was seen driving a black Land Cruiser all alone on the roads of Multan. Yes, you read that right. A little boy was driving a car on the road as if it’s something totally normal. Many people made videos and took pictures of it while this boy was not stopped or even noticed by any traffic officer. The videos and pictures went viral and that’s when the traffic police realized what has happened. 

Many questions arise as to how this child’s parents didn’t notice him taking the keys and driving away and how did he even take the car outside the house without anyone noticing. This story is still establishing and not much is known about who the kid is and who are his parents and what actually happened.

Another thing is that this is such a serious issue and many people could’ve been hurt and the child’s life was endangered as well. Action needs to be taken as soon as possible and things should be sorted out.

Submitted by Sana Anwer, Date 03 Feubaury 2021.

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