1992 vs 2019 Cricket World CUP

1992 vs 2019 Cricket World CUP

1992 vs 2019 Cricket World Cup: The world cup of 1992 was the world cup when Pakistan lifted the trophy for the first time. That was the beginning of the new era for the cricket of Pakistan.

The team was ruling cricket after that. Since then the very dedicated fans of Pakistan are waiting to be called champions once again. It has been hard luck for the team. As they have been very close but unable to lift the cup for the second time.

They really want to win again to stay in the contest with the rivals. The tournament has arrived waiting to crown the next nation for the coming four years.

The 2019 world cup match for Pakistan started with the defeat to West Indies which was a bad one. Getting all out on 105 the fans were furious. The third match was won by the rain followed by two loses.

The citizens of Pakistan discerned these results. The supporters promptly related them to the year 1992 for the outcome was the same as the winning year.

In 1992 Pakistan cricket team was down and out they were losing their matches and their chance for qualifying were slim. The fans were frustrated, angry with the team they decided to welcome them by a garland of shoes.

The same which took place after defeating India, the followers were forced to eat crow after the match. The people erupted on social networking sites with their criticism. In order to stay in the race, it was crucial for the team to win the next match. They did win the match as same in 1992, fans started to make fun of the similarities it was the 1992 world cup everywhere.

It was all amusing and humorous until the Cricket Council started to take an interest in the context. The commentators, analysts, critics everyone started talking about it after their win over New Zealand which was undefeated till they faced our country which was again another parallel conclusion.

Not only the game is affected by the jinx the politics is as well. Some of the events which occurred in 1992 repeated itself, is it really going to happen, is Pakistan capable to win the cup, will history repeat itself?

1992 vs 2019 Cricket World CUP
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1992 vs 2019 Cricket World CUP
1992 vs 2019 Cricket World CUP Condition and planning of Pakistani Cricket team in this World Cup tournament 2019 for the better results.
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