Business Owner burnt his employee because….

Owner burnt his employee because….


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As much as the effort and output of an employment matter, their rights also have equal importance. If we look up to other international countries, people who are working in the tertiary sector have job security or at least employment rights. If XYZ company goes against them. They can take stand against the organization. 

But very, unfortunately, there is no such concept of employment rights in Pakistan. Recently the extremely sad and devastating news circulated about the owner burning his employ in Multan. And the reason for this cruel act was

“The employee (Irshad Umer) demanded his salary”

This barbarous act is done by the person named “Akram” who is known to be a landlord. Arresting the culprit is easy and it’s is done countable times in Pakistan but to make sure that he gets the deserving punishment by the high authority have been seen rarely.  We all can pray for the justice of Irshad Umer. 

In the statement by Irshad’s father, Akram used to threaten to burn for repeatedly demanding for salary. 

What made Irshad work at such a toxic workplace?

Maybe because he is the only breadwinner of his family or during the scattered time of COVID-19, Irshad had no other option left to avoid the brutality of his owner or there must the list goes on for the reason Irshad was stuck at that place but if he knew about employment rights or if he knew any such thing exist he would have taken the step. He must have not suffered 

Regrettably, in Pakistan, the stronger party wins the case even if they are the wrongdoer. We have many incidents in past where the culprits were released whether it was the crime of bullying, child abuse, harassment or etc. 

In my opinion, one should work in a great and relaxing environment. Nothing can be compromised on self-respect. Money does not bring happiness all the time. How you have treated matters a lot. Motivating employees by appreciating for their honesty or great work means a lot to them. Indulging them in decision making or asking for their opinion/ suggestion gives them a sense of motivation. If an employee feels unsafe and fear for job security, he/she should immediately take a stand but for this, there must be some rules or laws release by the government so that one doesn’t hesitate to stand for its own right. 

This will result in the decline of cases like Irshad’s or many others who have been or are suffering through such trauma. 

Submitted by Syeda Anum Fatima, Date 03 February 2021.

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