How to Educate our Poor Children

How to Educate our Poor Children; Education is to learn to read or write. It is important to have an education because it is the gateway to nourish your minds and have awareness about your rights. After all, all such things are stated in the form of words.If we had not been educated, then how can we understand what rights and responsibilities do we have.
No doubt, you and I have the education and are educating ourselves more and more, but there is a large population in our country who is UNEDUCATED. That’s the reason why they are unaware of their

  • Rights
  • Responsibilities, and
  • Abilities.
How to Educate our Poor Children
How to Educate our Poor Children

Simple Steps For How to Educate our Poor Children

And unfortunately, our media is not focusing to provide them with education through television and radio, because every paper has now phone and access to even 4G. Moreover, the government is also not ready to take steps to improve education. Yet, the government can spread the roots of Alif, bay Pay in every nook of Pakistan with the help of common Pakistanis NGOs. The three can take the following steps:

  1. Shelters:
    The government can create small-sized rooms at the end of every street. These rooms will work as classrooms. They should have bookshelves, few seats, table and mat. NGOs and interested teenagers can be given the responsibility to teach there.
  2. Wall of Kindness:
    The concept of a wall of kindness is not bad. Few shelves can installed at many walls of the country. These shelves should have newspapers and books. This concept will promote reading culture. And that culture is enough to motivate young beggars to pick books to read.
  3. Ghost Schools:
    The government should eradicate the concept of ghost schools. The team of education minister should renovate government schools. The educational board should change the curriculum. Moreover, teacher training programs should be organized at the government level.

These are the three main steps which our government can take to turn our country into an EDUCATED COUNTRY.

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