PM Khan’s visit to the US: Has anything been really accomplished?


PM Khan’s visit to the US: Has anything been really accomplished? With the help of the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia; Mohammed bin Salman, and his connections with Jared Kushner, one of President’s Senior Advisor as well as his son-in-law; Islamabad finally managed to score a meeting with Washington D.C. The one-on-one meeting was arranged to discuss the Pak-US ties; and how both the nations can be of help to one another.

When it came down to actually moving forward with the discussions and reaching a decision. It seems that the same old promises were repeated, leading us nowhere; Khan reiterated the same old message, along the lines of Pakistan helping the USA extricate itself out of Afghanistan; and help resolve the issue through political conversations. whereas Trump offered his support via mediation in the dispute of Kashmir; stating that Indian PM Modi is willing. Of course, now we know that was a miscommunication, given that the Indian government released a statement; standing by their previous stance that Kashmir is a bilateral issue which does not require a third-party interference.

PM Khan did manage to pack a crowd the night before the meeting. Entering the stage in a rockstar manner, he reverted to his speeches from his time in Opposition; and talked about Nawaz Sharif’s corruption, instead of the current issues Pakistan is facing, such as inflation. He suggested the removal of air conditioners and televisions; from the jail rooms of Mian Nawaz Sharif and Asif Ali Zardari and asked Maryam Nawaz for money in exchange for Nawaz Sharif’s release. This truly showed a lack of understanding regarding how the judicial system works. Considering the courts did not place a fine of Sharif, and there was no specific amount mentioned; how does PM khan want this request fulfilled?

With quotes such as, “Everyone comes together to save democracy, to save their money. Come together, if you want to stage a ‘dharna’, I will give you containers,” PM Khan’s stance is confusing. On one hand, he is attempting to show that he is all in for a Pakistan; where Opposition can prosper and help the Government, but on the other hand; the censorship of the members of Opposition, the lack of media coverage of jalsas held by the Opposition. In addition to this, he also stated in the meeting with President Trump that curbing of the press in Pakistan was a joke if that is a joke; then how come news channels like Geo News are either being banned or being moved extremely down on the list?

PM Khan’s visit to the US: Has anything been really accomplished? It is high time that our government stop pointing out; the issues that we have (whether this is done on domestic grounds; or international), but rather bring forth policies to tackle said issues; instead of saying that they are going to do something; the government should talk about how they want to achieve that goal. The audience holds out hope that this meeting with the USA might lead to stability in the future, but it gets diminished with time.
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PM Khan’s visit to the US: Has anything been really accomplished?
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The Youth International

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