Procurement Express a 21st Century Service Providing Startup


Procurement Express a 21st Century Service Providing Startup; Procurement express is a most growing automate purchasing network. Its create reports of every purchase and control your money spending. Most of the companies and International brands face this problem. Like the well-known TEDx was the victim of this problem. So, this startup is started to solve this world biggest problem that companies faced every day.

Signup now and try a free trial of Procurement Express. This app is started with the mission of; Manage and control purchasing and budgets, simply and quickly; from anywhere of the world. Working process of this amazing app for purchase is very simple. You only have to follow four steps. So, the 4 steps to simplify your purchase order process are

  1. Setup budgets & invite colleagues
  2. Employees submit purchase requests
  3. Managers get notified
  4. Reports available for review online

Simpler Purchase Orders

  • Users create purchase orders using the app
  • Automatically, they’re sent to managers by email for approval of Purchase
  • OK them in the field on any device

Set up budgets, customize purchase orders, set up approval routing, invite team members. accelerates purchase orders, gives you close control over budgets and liberates you from paperwork.

‘Using I can instantly see what our costs were in real-time rather than waiting for the bookkeepers report at the end of the following month. Because it is much simpler than alternate solutions out there, it means that my team actually use the app which in turn means the figures are accurate.’

– Priscilla Groves, Ruler

Save Time and Money

  • Intuitive interface: anyone can use it, no training required
  • Cloud hosting: nothing to download, nothing to transfer
  • Status reports: track spending across departments at any time
  • Same day implementation: get your entire team set up and ready to go in just minutes
  • 1-click PO approvals from any device, anywhere

Procurement Express a 21st Century Service Providing Startup.

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