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Role of dressing in rape

Role of dressing in rape

Looking good is a dream of every person. Every human wants to look exquisite, beautiful, and charming. And dressing plays an important role in enhancing one’s personality. But, it should have some limits. If it crosses the limit, it becomes anathema, and, it gives birth to various sins like vulgarity, obscenity, and rape.

Undoubtedly, rape is an evil sin that is accelerating day by day. As far as I concern, dressing is likened to rape and, it plays a very crucial role in rape. Many factors cause rape but ‘provocative clothes’  is one of those factors that lead to sexual objectification.

According to the United Nations(UN) report, the most developed countries like the  U.S, Sweden, France, Canada,  UK, and Germany are the most immersed ones in this crime. And, the superpower of the world is at the first position regarding rape cases with 99,708 cases in 2017,101,363 in 2018, and 98,213 in 2019 respectively. Conversely, Saudi Arabia with Islamic laws of the veil(purdah) lies at the bottom. Pakistan is also ranked among the ten worst countries regarding rape cases.

Pm Imran Khan made the comments on a live television show the previous week when asked about what the government is doing to curb an increase in sexual violence against women and children. He replied that this is a very sensitive issue and our government is focusing on this matter very seriously. He also put up the concept of “purdah” and stated that a veil or covering the body reduces the temptation.

And, he further talked about Bollywood and Hollywood that how they are promoting vulgarity and obscenity via their contents. Because of this vulgar content, Delhi has become the capital of rape, pm stated. Prime Minister Imran Khan said that we have to stop this vulgarity and body exhibition contents from our filmmaking.

Several studies have examined the objectification of bodies in the context of whether they were covered or uncovered. It was found that when wearing skirts, underwear, or a swimsuit, a person could be viewed as a mere body that exists for the pleasure and the use of others.

Other studies found that women with provocative dresses expressed more shame and temptation than full-covered women. Everyone is familiar with the problem but giving solutions is out of the question.

In every religion, rape is forbidden. But, Islam gives a comprehensive and appropriate solution to this problem. In the Quran, Allah says, “0 prophets! ask your wives, daughters, and believing women to draw their cloaks over their bodies.

In this way, it is more likely that they will be recognized as virtuous and not be harassed. And Allah is all-forgiving, the merciful”. By following Islamic education we can cater to this problem but various other elements demand our attention as well.

For example, our educational institutions can play a vital role in this cause by giving education on this sensitive issue. And Quranic education must be compulsory in our educational institutions. The government can propagate Quranic education with urdu translation via PTV.

The government must create opportunities for the unemployed section so that they can be engaged in marriage by acquiring a job. The unemployed people cannot be knotted in this relationship because of their unemployment, thus, they indulge in bad evils like thiefdom and rape. The government must offer them pertinent jobs so they can be stable in their lives.

Besides that, the government must establish a special force to encounter this matter. The clerics can also play an important role by shedding light on the attributes of Prophets and Sahabas after every congregational prayer. And, women can cause a barrier in the way of this sin by playing their vital role and showing responsibility.

They must stop wearing provocative and temptations clothes. Following Islamic teachings regarding clothes and dressing can reduce vulgarity and obscenity from society. The personalities who are at the helm of affairs must have to initiate appropriate policies to combat this problem. And, this is only possible by a comprehensive and holistic approach.

Submitted by Ghulam-ul-Sibtain Mir, Date 15 April 2021.


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