POLIO; a Damocles sword for Pakistan

Pakistan, a developing country, has got independence on August 14, 1947. The country has celebrated her 72nd birthday a few days ago. But, unfortunately, we have been facing more or less the similar threats which we had been faced 72 years ago.

At this critical juncture, the state is unable to provide basic rights, namely, food, shelter, education and health to masses. It is paradox that we still have been trying to eradicate those diseases which the developed and majority of developing nations have been defeated a decade ago. As ill-luck would have it, Pakistan has been facing POLIO.

POLIO; a Damocles sword for Pakistan

It is not surprising that our immediate neighbours including India and Iran have eradicated POLIO in their respective countries. Moreover, Bangladesh, the old east Pakistan, have defeated this nefarious diseases. Pakistan, along with Afghanistan and Nigeria is facing POLIO in the current century.

POLIO; a Damocles sword for Pakistan

It is alarming to enunciate that the country has faced more than a hundred POLIO cases in 2019. Despite the fact that the state has moved its economy, and manpower to nullify the disease. So, a valid question raised in the minds of many of us; why we are not able to abolish this catastrophe from our land?

There are multiple reasons to justify this important question. The most important is political instability and poor governance, that has been placing barriers on the way of Pakistan’s progress and prosperity. Furthermore, the profound role of non-state actors who are trying every effort to derail the country’s prosperity.

In the recent past, these non-actors have given a consolidated prove of their nefarious activities by promoting false claim regarding polio vaccine. Similarly, the illiteracy is also a major reason for failure. Because, illiterate parents don’t take POLIO vaccination a serious remedy, and they show reluctant behaviour regarding this health problem.

Nationwide polio vaccination campaign to begin on Jan 21

It is appreciating that Afghanistan and Nigeria have significantly improved to mitigate POLIO cases, in spite of the Afghan war in Afghanistan and Bako Haram terrorist activities in Nigeria. It is alarming as well as high time for Pakistan to get rid of this issue.

We need to spread awareness among the people regarding the benefits of POLIO vaccine. Likewise, we should have to build a strong pro-state narrative on social media to overcome the false agenda of our foes. Most importantly, it is a duty of political parties to show national integration at this serious matter.

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