Bipolar disorder is a serious mental illness. In this disorder, an individual has unusual shifts in mood, energy and activity levels. Patients with bipolar disorder can quickly swing from extremes of happiness to the sadness, fatigue and confusion. 

These shifts in mood can be so critical even the individual commit suicide. A person in my area was suffering from this disorder. He was a Young man of 25. He had too much environmental stress that became a cause of the bipolar disorder. He became so rude to his parents and family. He did not like even to talk to them. He tried to attempt suicide many times. One day due to too much stress and bipolar disorder he shouted himself and died.

About 8 to 19 per cent completed suicide due to this disorder and 25 to 50 per cent of people try to attempt suicide throughout their lives. A person from this disease can have the periods in which they feel overly happy and energized and at the other periods of feeling hopeless and sluggish. According to the American Psychiatric Association, There are four major types of bipolar disorder. 

  • Bipolar 1 disorder
  • Bipolar 2 disorder
  • Cyclothymic disorder
  • Substance abuse disorder

There are some common causes of bipolar disorder. The hormonal problem that is hormonal imbalance, and other environmental factors including abuse, mental stress, a significant loss or some other traumatic events may also contribute to bipolar disorder. This disease is possible to both children and adults but it is common in teenagers.

The symptoms occurred in bipolar disorder are drop in energy, worry and anxiety, no interest in favourite activities, change in sleep pattern and suicidal thoughts.

This disorder can be inherited for example, your risk further increases if the family member with this condition is a close relative. That means if your parent has bipolar disorder, then you have a great chance of developing it than someone whose great aunt has the condition. Genetic factors account for about 60 to 80 Percent of the cause of the bipolar disorder.

Previous research has found that people with the illness tend to die early from heart diseases and suicide. This disorder is one of the major cause of mental and physical health problems. This disorder increases the risk of developing atherosclerosis which is the hardening of arteries, and cardiovascular disease even a person got heart attack due to bipolar disorder. According to the American Heart Association, that risk may evident early in life.

In Pakistan, most of the people are unaware of this disorder and maximum people feel hesitation to go to the Psychiatrist and psychologists. According to WHO bipolar disorder is the 6th leading cause of disability worldwide. During the press conference at National Press Club, Islamabad in 2017, Dr Ayesha Ali stated that around 80 million people in Pakistan are suffering from mental illness and bipolar disorder is one of the major cause. It is believed that mental illness will be among the leading cause of death by 2030. People should not hesitate themselves, they should go to the Psychiatrist and psychologists for their proper treatment. In this way, our country will get rid of this mental disorder which engulfs many precious lives.

Now you all want to know who this disorder can be treated?

Most people with bipolar disorder need lifetime treatment to keep their condition managed. This usually includes medicine like antidepressants. Therapy can also help people with bipolar disorder to understand it and develop skills to handle it. Moreover, patient with bipolar disorder should avoid caffeine and alcohol. The person with this disorder should eat a balance of protective nutrient-dense foods, these foods include fresh fruits, vegetables, lean meat, legumes and nuts.

Submitted by “Rahat Tufail”