Sometimes, there are occasions in which a (very) a good person becomes depressed. The gorgeousness of his face vanishes/finishes. If the condition of the heart is not good, the world also looks like it is changed.

Science describes this with great beauty. According to science, the anatomy of some human brain varies from that of other human beings. Sadness is something that shoes itself differently from everyone. Such people are very sensitive. They feel the slightest thing. This happens because sadness directly targets their norepinephrine serotonin. According to research done by the National Academy of science, it has been said that the brain of an emotional person produces a chemical, whose name is GALANIN. It makes part of the brain flexible. Because of this, he immediately takes the effect of whatever to see.

Man’s health also plays a big role in restoring the mood. If your hormones keep working properly, you will have fewer fits to sadness, but if they do not work properly, you can get depresses. Much influence on our lives is due to the expectations that are not fulfilled according to us. Man always wants to be the only thing in his life that can give him personal satisfaction. 

The self- interested man has not yet found out that happiness is not related to his own pleasure but to keep others happy.

I am surrounded by people very possibly having some of best experiences of my life, feeling like I need to bawl, fully unable to, and nearly having anxiety, depression, sadness, hypertension because I want to end.

There are different causes of sadness in the present era such as isolation, economic burden, a dispute with loved ones, low grades in education, health problems, etc. Man gets tired of it so much that he goes to act like suicide. Like the current issue, COVID-19  people suffer depression, sadness and many health problems. It is natural to feel stress, anxiety, grief and worry during and after a disaster. Everyone reacts differently, and your own feeling will change over time. Notice and accept how you feel. Taking care of your emotional health during an emergency will help you think properly and react to the urgent needs to protect yourself, relatives and your family. Self-care during an emergency will help your long term healing.

When you have no control of your current situation and you want everything to end. Those sufferings, feelings, emotions, everything.

But you know life is not so fair, it isn’t about just you and me. It’s about everyone. Life will never go according to our plans. You have to accept it. It was designed in such a way that it helps us build character.

You may need to change; you may need to sacrifice. You may need to forget and forgive and bury the pain of the past. You might need to let them go. You might have prepared yourself.

It`s at the moment  I want to say that just close your eyes and whisper. I`m giving up everything to you ALLAH.

All of us have a different journey. A journey back to Him.  Don`t rush, don`t lose faith, struggle, and fall, get up, mess up, cry, beg but don`t stop.

Spend your time to your family, friends and all those people who you want. Don’t overthink any problem in your life because problems are part of our life.

Stop criticizing everything to avoid sadness. Trust in Allah. Surely you will forget to be sad. 

Submitted by “Sairah Batool”