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No. Identify Standing Date Main points Notable Early Assets 1 Khadijah bint Khuwaylid Married July 595 She was once a rich industry lady from Mecca. In the beginning she hired Muhammad in her industry and later she proposed marriage to him. He was once 40 years previous on the time of marriage. She was once the mummy of Muhammad’s six youngsters. His contribution to the improvement of Islam within the early days of Islam was once exceptional. She was once Muhammad’s simplest spouse till her loss of life in 620. Ibn Ishaq[1]

Ibn Hisham[2]
Ibn Sa’d[4]

2 Sawda bint Zam’a Married, despite the fact that with restricted rights. Would possibly 620 She was once a widow and was once early transformed to Islam. As she was once getting previous, Muhammad sought after to divorce her. After Sauda promised to not sleep with Muhammad, Muhammad took her again house (she gave up her flip to Aisha). Bukhari[5]

Ibn Ishaq[6]
Ibn Hisham[7]
Ibn Sa’d[9]

3 Aisha bint Abi Bakr Married Reduced in size Would possibly 620 however first consummated in April or Would possibly 623 She was once the daughter of Muhammad’s trustworthy buddy Abu Bakr Siddiq. Muhammad married her on the age of six and took her house on the age of 9. She contributed a significant frame of data to Islamic legislation and historical past. Ibn Ishaq[10]

Ibn Hisham[11]
Ibn Sa’d[13]

4 Hafsa bint Umar Married January or February 625 The Prophet married her in february 625 earlier than the combat of Uhud. She was once his fourth spouse. Sooner or later when she returned from her father’s space she discovered the Messenger of God with Mariyah in her space and burst into hysterical habits. The placement was once additional irritated through Aishah’s chattering tongue. In step with Ibn Ishaq(Kitab al-Mubtada) the Prophet had divorced her as soon as however then took her again. She died in Shaban 45/665. Ibn Ishaq[14]

Ibn Hisham[15]
Ibn Sa’d[17]

5 Zaynab trace Khuzayma Married January or February 625 Zaynab bint Khuzayma al-Hilaliyya was once known as the Mom of the Deficient. Prior to now she was once married to al Tufayl ibn al Harith ibn al-Muttalib. When Tufayl divorced her, Muhammad married her. Zaynab remained with Muhammad for 8 months, after which died on the age of thirty years in October 625. Ibn Hisham[18]

Ibn Sa’d[20]

6 Hind (Umm Salama) bint Abi Umayya Married April 626 Umm Salamah, whose actual title was once Hind bt. Abi Umayyah. She was once up to now married to Abu Salamah, whose actual title was once Abdallah b. Abd al-Asad b. Hilal. They have got 4 youngsters named Zaynab, Salamah, Umar and Durrah of their space. After Abdullah’s loss of life, Muhammad married Umm Salamah. Umm Salamah died in July-August 679. Ibn Ishaq[21]

Ibn Hisham[22]
Ibn Sa’d[24]

7 Zaynab bint Jahsh Married March 627 She was once the spouse of Muhammad’s followed son Zayed ibn Harithah. When Zayed remember the fact that Muhammad become infatuated with Zaynab, Zayed divorced Zainab and requested Muhammad to marry her. To justify marrying her, Muhammad introduced new revelations that (1) an followed son didn’t rely as an actual son, so Zaynab was once no longer his daughter-in-law, (2) A believer can marry the divorced spouse of his followed son, So Allah married Muhammad to Zainab. Ibn Ishaq[25]

Ibn Hisham[26]
Ibn Sa’d[28]

8 Rayhana bint Zayd ibn Amr Slave Would possibly 627 She was once a lovely lady from Banu Qurayza. Her husband was once one of the crucial 900 other people killed in Banu Qurayza. After turning all of the ladies there into slaves, Muhammad selected Raihana for himself and proposed marriage to her. She rejected Muhammad’s be offering and remained a slave to Muhammad. Muhammad persevered to have sex together with her till she died. She died in a while earlier than Muhammad in 632. Ibn Ishaq[29]

Ibn Sa’d[31]

9 Juwayriyah bint Al-Harith Married January 628 She was once a daughter of an Arab leader. When Muhammad attacked her tribe, she was once taken as a prisoner. After seeing her Muhammad freed Juwayriyya bint al-Harith and married her. Juwayriyya died when she was once 50 years previous. Ibn Ishaq[32]

Ibn Hisham[33]
Ibn Sa’d[35]

10 Ramlah (Umm Habiba) bint Abi Sufyan Married July 628 (following a proxy wedding ceremony previous within the yr) This lady was once the daughter of Abu Sufyan, the executive of Makkah, who led the resistance towards Muhammad. Her actual title was once Ramla. He transformed to Islam when she was once youngster. Muhammad married her basically for political causes. He died on the age of 46 years. Ibn Ishaq[36]

Ibn Hisham[37]
Ibn Sa’d[39]

11 Safiyah bint Huyayy Married July 628 Safiyah bint Huyayy was once the pretty daughter of a Jewish leader, Huyayy ibn Akhtab. Prior to now she was once married to Kininah b. al-Rabi’ b. Abi al-Huqayq, who was once killed through Muhammad b. Maslamah on the Prophet’s order. He was once struck at the neck till he died. When the Prophet scrutinized the captives at the day of Khaybar, he threw his cloak over Safiyah. Thus she was once his selected one at the day of Khaybar. Ibn Ishaq[40]

Ibn Hisham[41]
Ibn Sa’d[43]

12 Maymunah bint Al-Harith Married February 629 She was once a center magnificence widow from Mecca who proposed marriage to Muhammad. Prior to now she was once married to Umayr b. Amr. Al Abbas b. Abd al Muttalib married her to Muhammad. She was once a placid lady who stored an excessively tidy space. Maymunah was once totally obsessive about regulations and rituals. Ibn Ishaq[44]

Ibn Hisham[45]
Ibn Sa’d[47]

13 Mariyah bint Shamoon al Quptiya Slave Jun 629 Muqawqis, the governor of Alexandria, despatched Mariyah as a gift to Muhammad. Muhammad stored her as a concubine regardless of the objections of his other halves, who feared her attractiveness. Mariyah offers start to a kid named Ibrahim. Ibn Ishaq[48]

Ibn Sa’d[50]

14 Mulayka bint Kaab Divorced January 623 Her circle of relatives resisted the Muslim invasion of Mecca. Wanting to soothe the conqueror, they gave him the pretty Mulayka as a bride. Muhammad married Mulayka bint Kaab. She was once identified for her outstanding attractiveness. When she realised that Muhammad’s military had killed her father, she demanded a divorce, which he granted her. She died a couple of weeks later. Al-Tabari[51]

Ibn Sa’d[52]

15 Fatima al-Aliya bint Zabyan al-Dahhak

15. Fatima al-Aliya bint Zabyan al-Dahhak
This lady was once the daughter of a minor leader. Muhammad divorced her as a result of she was once having a look on the other people within the mosque. He spent the remainder of his existence through gathering dung. He frequently mentioned that, “I’m the depressing one.” She died in 30 September 680.


Ibn Sa’d[54]

16 Asma bint Al-Numan Divorced Jun or July 630 She was once a princess from Yemen whose circle of relatives was hoping the wedding alliance would thrust back an army invasion from Medina. She was once a so stunning ladies. Muhammad married her however divorced her in an instant earlier than consummation after Aisha tricked her into reciting the divorce formulation. Later on she used to mention “Name me the wretched one.” Ibn Hisham[55]

Ibn Sa’d[57]

17 Al-Jariya Slave After 627 She was once a home slave belonging to Zaynab bint Jahsh, who made Muhammad a gift of her. She turns out to were an “unofficial” concubine who didn’t have a normal activate his roster. Ibn al-Qayyim[58] 18 Amra bint Yazid Divorced c. 631 She was once a Bedouin lady. Muhammad married her, but if he came upon that she had leprosy he divorced her in an instant. Ibn Ishaq[59]

Ibn Hisham[60]
Ibn Sa’d[62]

19 Tukana al-Quraziya Slave Unknown, however most likely within the final months of Muhammad’s existence She was once a member of the defeated Qurayza tribe whom Muhammad decided on as certainly one of his private slaves. She seems to were some other “unofficial” concubine with out a common flip at the roster. After Muhammad’s loss of life, she married Abbas. Majlisi[63]

Ibn al-Qayyim[64]


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