Lack of tolerance and anger leads to fighting, violence and finally destroys peace in society. Lack of tolerance and anger cause bad effect on human health and mind. It can disturb and disrupts families and societies. Today I’m going to tell u a true story where a lack of tolerance and anger destroy the whole family.

 This story belongs to a faraway village of Murree. There was a man named Ali who lived there with his family. Ali worked in Saudi Arabia he came to his house on a vacation of one month. He was very happy after coming to his house. One day he planned to visit Rawalpindi with his wife when Amna- Ali’s wife was about to leave for Rawalpindi Amna mother who lives nearby said to her daughter to bring some medicines for her from the city. Then they left for Rawalpindi.

When they came back home Amna mother came to her and ask her: will you bring my medicine? Amna replied that I forgot to bring medicines. Her mother became angry and said to her that you were busy enjoying with your husband how can you remember my medicines. Amna felt very bad on hearing this from her mother at that time her husband was also with her. She can’t tolerate this and ran into the room and in a fit of fury splash kerosene oil and set fire on herself. Her whole body got burnt, and she died in hospital, after some months Ali got married again.

The wedding was just over one year old. One day Ali was sitting with his second wife when Ali mother said something to Ali’s second wife. Ali got angry and said to his mother that you killed my fist wife now you also want to kill her. Ali’s mother felt very bad upon hearing such words from her own son, she can’t tolerate this and left her son’s house and never came back.

Her older son Javaid loved her mother very much when he came to know this he searched his mother everywhere but can’t find her and became mad in this search. But no one knew where Ali and Javaid mother went. The root of this entire disturbance is lack of tolerance and anger. Amna got angry and gave her life. Ali had a lack of tolerance, got angry and said bad things to his mother although she was not at fault.

Ali’s mother couldn’t stand it and in anger, she left the world perhaps not from Ali’s house. Now you decide and tell who is at fault Amna? Amna mother? Ali? Ali’s mother? Or all of us that we do not have the courage to tolerate each other and cannot quench our anger?

Nowadays anger becomes a habit in our society though all of us know how harmful it can be for us we get addicted to it because of lack of tolerance. Anger does not reduce pain but it can distract you from reality and facts. Anger and lack of tolerance are destroying the peace in our families, societies and in our country. Both of these affect us very badly socially and psychologically thus destroying us and our future.

It is increasing violence, suicide rate, kidnapping, murders and many more social crimes and issues. Our increased anger because of our less tolerance level is increasing many health issues in our country as well like anxiety, heart attacks, depression, sleep disturbance, headache, blood pressure, brain haemorrhages etc. Anger and lack of tolerance is a very strong barrier in our communication, especially in parent’s children relationship.

We can overcome many difficulties in every field of our lives by managing our anger and with patience and tolerance. For example; exercise regularly, talk to someone you trust, walk instantly from the situation instead showing sudden outrageous responses try to control your anger and do some physical activity. So let’s promise ourselves today not only try to manage our anger but also taught this to others and make our society better and peaceful.

Submitted by “Amarzish Munir