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Music icon Beyoncé stepped forward on impact of coronavirus pandemic

Music icon Beyoncé continued laying emphasis on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on hard-hit black communities within the us. The Halo hitmaker, 38, was a part of the One World: Together reception broadcast led by Lady Gaga, when she talked about the virus taking the globe under its firm grasp. “Tonight, we celebrate true heroes, people who are making the final word sacrifice to stay us all safe, fed, and healthy. To the doctors, the nurses, and other healthcare workers who are far from their families, taking care of ours, we still pray for your safety,” she said...

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Los Angeles Meghan Markle and Prince Harry eyeing a paparazzi-proof

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to maneuver off from Britain all the thanks to the us may have largely been influenced by the media scrutiny. However, even from across the pond, the prseems to own hardly relinquished control because the pair continues to urge hounded by reporters and paparazzi even in l. a. , California. And for that reason, the newest news to return out of the Sussex household suggests that the couple could also be renting out a $10 million mansion in an exceedingly gated community that might be safer from hawk-eyed shutterbugs lingering around their residence....

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One Direction reunite for 10th anniversary, Zayn Malik ditches

One Direction fans are anxiously clinging on to every and ever-emerging detail about the band’s imminent reunion. And while they’ll have kept their hopes up about all five of the boys returning, Liam Payne has some bad news for fans as he revealed that Zayn Malik won’t be joining the opposite four. During an Instagram Live session with DJ Alesso, the Bedroom Floor crooner revealed some details about the band’s reunion for his or her tenth anniversary saying Zayn, who was the primary to exit the band in 2015, won’t be a part of it. “The weather up here has been so great by the way, so it has been so hard. I did speak to Niall again on FaceTime today though and he was outside on his balcony sunbathing and whatever,” Liam said during the live stream. “He’s in London in addition. Most folks are in London. We’ve been trying to rearrange the primary group FaceTime at the instant. you’ll come and fill certain Zayn. Join the band,” he told Alesso. He further revealed how Louis Tomlinson had given him an earful for spilling the reunion surprise to The Sun during an interview: “I can’t say an excessive amount of. Louis told me off for revealing a touch about our plans the opposite day. So I had a gaggle telling off on the group chat.” Liam had earlier...

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Sam Smith, coronavirus despite not getting tested

The coronavirus pandemic has spread like wildfire around the globe, having affected a large chunk of the worldwide population including some big names. The latest celebrity to come back forth sharing their account of contracting the virus was British singer Sam Smith who detached about his self-diagnosis. Speaking to Zane Lowe over FaceTime, People reported that the singer failed to get tested for the virus but was sure of the contraction as they together with their sister started showing the identical symptoms. “I didn’t get tested but I do know I’ve got it. I’m just visiting assume that I did because everything I’ve read completely pointed to it. So yeah, I feel I definitely had it,” they said. Sam said further that they self-isolated for 3 weeks to guard the remainder of the members of the family including his grandmother who falls within the age group that’s at the next risk of getting affected. “As everyone was reasonably really on lockdown, that’s after I got over it, luckily,” Sam said talking about their recovery while adding: “I started writing and it’s an entirely different vibe. It’s amazing. It’s...

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One World, Lady Gaga’s composed concert At Home Together , released as live album

The string of performances from the star-studded ‘One World: Together At Home’ event, that mesmerised the people over the weekend, has been composed and released as a live album. The album, which is out there to stream on Apple Music, Spotify and Amazon Music, is 79 tracks long. and proceeds from streaming will go on to support the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the globe Health Organisation (WHO). The concert, which was organised by Global Citizen and led by Lady Gaga, saw many acts and performances of both original and canopy songs for the 8-hour live-streamed event. The lineup...

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