Author: Maya Tajammal

It’s hard to stable Pakistan’s economy

The World Bank has warned that Pakistan’s economy can shrink 1.3% to 2.2% within the current yr whereas the International money (IMF) says the economy may contract 1.5%. The depository financial institution of Pakistan (SBP) also believes all growth indicators will need to be revised downwards. These are really very troubling times for the state of 220 million already littered with a spread of structural macroeconomic issues. But there’s a solacement. International creditors are willing to roll over Pakistan’s external debt. this suggests the country will need to put aside a way lesser amount of interchange for debt servicing...

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Pak govt announced support package for small businesses Hammad Azhar

Industries and Production Minister Hammad Azhar said Sunday his ministry would present a support package for little businesses to the Economic Coordination Committee (ECC) tomorrow (Monday) to assist cushion the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic. Azhar said his ministry was also developing a collateral-free financing scheme for small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for a second phase of the relief package. “That phase would also include targeted/prioritised relief measures for sectors most hit by COVID-19,” he wrote on Twitter, adding that “millions of small businesses and industries shall get pleasure from this package” once approved by the cupboard and...

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China Back to school; world ease to lockdown

Children in China’s two most vital cities went back to high school on Monday after quite three months reception, as coronavirus restrictions eased and governments around the world began charting a path out of the pandemic lockdown. Europe’s four worst-affected countries all reported marked drops in their daily death tolls, offering hope that the outbreak may have peaked in some places — a minimum of for now. But leaders and experts remain divided on how quickly to revive shuttered economies while maintaining a fragile balance between freedom and safety. Italy and NY laid out partial reopening plans, with France...

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Paleo poop analyzer Archaeologists found new tool

Combing through samples of ancient faeces probably isn’t visiting be many people’s idea of a roaring blast. However, for archaeologists keen on learning more about the health and diet of past populations—as well as how certain parasites evolved, the evolutionary history of the microbiome—such samples will be a veritable goldmine of knowledge. Yet it will be difficult to work out whether faecal samples are human or were produced by other animals, particularly dogs. Now a global team of scientists has devised a replacement method of doing so combines host DNA and gut microbiome analysis with open-source machine-learning software, in...

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Covid-19 relief fund reduce Oil prices to 20-year lowest

Oil prices have slumped to their lowest for 2 decades as doubts grew about Donald Trump’s hopes of ending the US lockdown and investors braced for every week of doubtless damaging figures about the impact of the coronavirus on the globe economy. The price people oil plunged almost 20%, to below $15, in early trading on Monday – its lowest point since 1999 – as stockpiles continued to create as a result of a crash in demand caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Concerns are heightened by the growing standoff between the US president and state governors over whether the...

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