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When i volunteered in Dar-ul-Sukun

We all, after a packed day at university, hopped on to our university’s point no 1. I, along with two of my friends, secured the front seats as the point wasn’t too teemed. Shortly afterwards, we set off! We were headed to Dar-ul-Sukun and reached at its main gate in a couple of minutes. The red board with ‘Dar-ul-Sukun’ engraved on it made it easily detectable from afar. Currently running under the administration of Sr.Ruth Lewis, Dar-ul-Sukun strives to yield meaningful and lasting changes in the most neglected citizens of this country by empowering people with disabilities, their families...

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BACKGROUND Child labor the utilization of having paid work. In the past year, 11 million children have been working in Pakistan and half of them are under the age of ten children are forced to work. It was estimated that one-quarter of the country depends on child work. In the urban areas, 37% of working boys were in the wholesale and retail industry and 48% of girls were employed in the service factory while 30%  were in the manufacturing company. In rural areas, 68% of boys are working and 82% of girls are working in manufacturing. the Labor department...

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Science, religion and the quest for rationale and spirituality

Since human history evolves, man is considered as unexampled procreation owing to his rational behavior. When his reasoning and intellect grow in a pluralistic society, he looks through fundamental questions to be answered. This proclivity of probation is drawn to the context of either natural reasoning or supernatural explanation. Hence, this distinctive disposition demarcates a line between “Science and Religion”, without knowing the fact that there are two sides to every picture. Consequently, religious representatives reject scientific facts as it does not meet their spiritual needs and impressions. However, others deification scientific approach and discard paranormal and preternatural explanations...

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Consumer protection law or consumer law is considered as an area of law that governs the relationship of private law between individual consumers and the businesses that sell certain products and services. The federal government first introduced the concept of consumer protection legislation in 1995, when 1995 in Islamabad consumer protection act was passed. Later this trend was adopted by the provincial government and the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa provincial assembly passed the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa consumer protection act, 1997. The Balochistan’s provincial assembly passed The Baluchistan Consumer Protection Act, 2003, the Punjab provincial assembly passed The Punjab Consumers Protection Act, 2005,...

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Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)

What do you get when you remove all the problems from something? You get something perfect, which is highly desirable. Perfection is first and foremost poles apart from something, which is raw and real. Perfection is depicted at magazines, billboards and even on social media as people try to hide their flaws behind the filters and only show the happy side of their life, which results in some sort of competition and falling into depressive cycle. I, Farwa Zahra, pursuing a bachelor’s degree in applied psychology, shall represent Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) which means when a person is obsessed...

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