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BaCon a loose, open supply BASIC to C laptop language translator began via Peter van Eerten in 2009.

The identify BaCon is an acronym for Elementary Converter. BaCon converts BASIC supply code to straightforward C supply code which may also be compiled for Unix primarily based platforms like BSD, MacOSX, Android, Solaris and Linux.

BaCon is carried out in shell script and in itself. The shell model can convert the BaCon model of BaCon. The ensuing binary has an especially top conversion charge. On more moderen programs, the typical conversion charge typically lies above 10.000 strains according to 2d. BaCon too can translate itself and is due to this fact a self-translating translator.

The shell script model makes use of a commonplace script syntax which is appropriate with both BASH model 4.x and better or variations of KornShell launched after 2012. However, the KornShell emulation in ZShell may also be execute the shell model of BaCon as neatly.

The output of the converter is obvious C code which may also be compiled via more than a few compilers like Clang, GCC, TCC, and the Compaq C compiler. Binaries were produced effectively for various 32-bit and 64-bit architectures like x86, x86_64, Arm, DEC Alpha, PowerPC and SPARC.

The emitted C code additionally may also be compiled via a C++ compiler like G++ or Clang++. This permits building with object orientated toolkits as neatly.

BaCon covers a commonplace set of BASIC directions referred to as structured BASIC. The syntax was once impressed via QuickBASIC and ScriptBasic and has been expanded with trendy extensions to permit community programming, common expressions, delimited string operations, and dealing with for associative arrays and hash tables. It additionally is in a position to put in force GUI programming for Xaw, Xaw3D, Motif, and GTK model 2, 3 and four. Subsequent to this, BaCon can interface with current third birthday party libraries and will simply merge with third birthday party C or C++ code.

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