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Consort of Menelik II

Bafena Wolde Mikael[1] or beter referred to as simply Bafena [note 1] (1834-1887) was once the second one spouse of Menelik II then the King of Shewa (m. 1865-1883). She was once identified for her conniving schemes towards her personal husband. She conspired along with her husbands opponents to achieve energy for herself and her family members.[3]



Of humble origins, Bafena got here from Marra Biete and was once of Amhara lineage. Her father’s identify was once Wolde Mikael.[1]


Grasping for energy, she conspired along with her husbands opponents Emperor Yohannes IV and Tekle Haymanot of Gojjam towards her husband Menelik II.[2][4]

  1. ^ In quite a lot of assets spelled as Bafena,[2]Bafana,[3] or Baffana[4]


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