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In Greek mythology, Chelônê (Historic Greek: Χελώνη from khelônê this means that tortoise) used to be an oread of Mount Khelydorea (“wealthy in tortoises”) in Arkadia.[1]


Servius’ account[edit]

When all of the gods, males, and animals have been invited by means of the divine messenger, Hermes to wait the marriage of Zeus and Hera, the nymph Chelone by myself remained at house, to shew her overlook of the solemnity. However Hermes then descended from Olympus, threw Chelone’s area, which stood at the financial institution of a river, along with the nymph, into the water, and remodeled her right into a lazy tortoise, who had henceforth to hold her area on her again.[2]

“For his marriage ceremony with Juno (Hera), Jupiter (Zeus) ordered Mercurius (Hermes) to ask all of the gods, the lads and the animals to the marriage. Everybody invited by means of Mercurius (Hermes) got here, with the exception of for Chelone who didn’t deign to be there, mocking the marriage. When Mercurius spotted her absence, he went backtrack to the earth, threw within the river the home of Chelone that used to be status over the river and adjusted Chelone in an animal that may undergo her identify. Chelone is claimed testudo (tortoise) in Latin.”

Aesop’s account[edit]

The fantasy tells how the king of the gods invited all of the animals to his marriage ceremony however the tortoise by no means arrived. When requested why, her excuse used to be that she most well-liked her own residence, so Zeus made her elevate her area about without end after.

“Zeus invited all of the animals to his marriage ceremony. The tortoise by myself used to be absent, and Zeus didn’t know why, so he requested the tortoise (khelone) her explanation why for no longer having come to the banquet. The tortoise stated, ‘Be it ever so humble, there is not any position like house.’ Zeus were given indignant on the tortoise and ordered her to hold her area along with her anyplace she went.”

Pausanias’ account[edit]

“Adjacent Mount Kyllene is every other mountain, Khelydorea (Chelydorea), the place Hermes is claimed to have discovered a tortoise, taken the shell from the beast, and to have made therefrom a harp.”[3]



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