Child abuse is now becoming serious and common issue in Pakistan. We heard many news about it but do we really know what actually child abuse is? Child abuse is when parent or caregiver maybe through their action, or negligence, causes injury, death, and emotional harm to a child. Child abuse can be physical, sexual, or emotional.

Here I want to talk about sexual abuse. This is a topic about which many of us feel shy to talk. Sexual abuse can be of many kind i.e. non contact abuse, contact abuse, penetration making a child view a sex act.

Factors that may increase a person’s risk of becoming abusive include: A history of being abused or neglected as a child. Physical or mental illness, such as depression or post-traumatic stress order (PTSD). Family crises or stress, marital conflict or it might be temporary pleasure and gratification for them.

When a child is sexually abused it leaves life time impact. They can’t forget that cruel act for the rest of life. They suffer from physical pain as well as mental illness like depression, anxiety, aggression, lose of self esteem, arousal of suicidal thoughts, sleep disturbance etc. A child face trust issues, lose of determination. Inferiority complex covers them from all sides and they even lose their identity.

According to a report 20.7% adults being sexually abused as child. An NGO reported that 1300 children have had to face sexual abuse of some kind in the last six months in Pakistan. It was also added that 729 girls and 576 boys suffered sexual abuse between Jan-June 2019.

As during recent years a 7 years girl Zainab was raped and brutally killed in Kasur. This issue was highlighted by our media and on social media people raises their voices for justice and finally the criminal was hanged. But it was one time that such case is facilitated in such short time.

Many children were killed after rape because the rapist wants to hide their identity. There are many cases which are reported to police for investigation but many remain hidden because parents become fearful of notoriety. There are number of cases in which the child became unable to get justice.

Sexual abuse is an inhuman, immoral, inappropriate and cruel act. It ruin the whole life of child. Many kids lose their interest in anything and they lose their carefree and happy childhood. 

But there is a point how can we control issues of child abuse? This can only possible by creating awareness by using social media, print and electronic media. Parents must have to notice their child activities and must develop a friendly relationship with them so they can speak freely if they are facing any kind of harassment. Parents should teach their kids about good and bad touch. Parents should not trust on everyone regarding to safety of their kid. Government should make laws according to Islamic teachings.

May Allah Almighty protect every child from this brutal act and save their childhood. (Amen)

Submitted by “Anushay Iftikhar”