Coronavirus is a type of disease which is newly identified has caused a recent outbreak of respiratory illness now called COVID-19. It is easy to transfer from one person to another and was found in China in December 2019. The vaccine has not found yet. COVID-19 has become the most important viruses worldwide because of the occurrence of several recent deaths.

This disease was first found in December 2019 in the capital of China’s city Wuhan province of Hubei and has since spread in all over the world.

The symptoms of are COVID-19 cough, fever, shortness of breath, muscle aches, sore throat, unexplained loss of taste or smell, diarrhoea and headache. Other symptoms may include fatigue, muscle pain and abdominal pain. Symptoms can show up within 14 days.

Use soup to scrub your hands use sanitizer for cover.

Take a distance from an individual who is sneezing or coughing.

Don’t bit your nose or mouth and canopy your mouth with a tissue after you sneeze or cough    It is possible that the individuals of all ages are infected by this virus however the foremost in danger are Older individuals and other people with pre-existing medical conditions (such as respiratory illness, diabetes, and heart disease)

When an infected person coughs or sneezes the droplets of spit discharge from the nose and it infects another person. This malady unfolds person to person.

There is no vaccine found, however. Once a sickness is new, there’s no vaccine It will take variety of years to develop a vaccine of this virus.


COVID-19 is a virus which transfers from one person to a different it’s spreading globally terribly in a very short time that caused deaths. The numbers of deaths area unit increasing day by day and there’s no vaccine found nonetheless. The sole resolution of this drawback is to follow the precautions given by health care. This virus was found in Dec nineteen in the capital of china town Wuhan and currently has unfolded altogether over the planet. Principally Older folks and other people with pre-existing medical conditions (such as bronchial asthma, diabetes, and heart disease).

Submitted by “Javeria Ejaz”