We are in a modern age where everything is just one touch far from our approach. Use of the internet and mobile phones is the necessity of modern age man, but it becomes a curse when people use it for humiliating other people. Bulling is getting bigger and bigger every day and people are finding new ways to bully others. One type of bullying is through the digital technology, mobiles and other electronic means and is called as “Cyberbullying”, where people harass others by posting inappropriate content about them, even by completely hacking their accounts, by humiliating them directly on any social application, by texting others through many websites or mobile numbers. These attacks occur mostly on famous apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc. 

Cyberbullying is a serious public health threat, which is responsible for the new psychological symptoms, emotional and mental distress leading to depression, increases suicide rates, it also increases aggression and unhappiness in the victims. Aggressive behaviour is developed because cyberbullying messages and posts are secretly distributed to a very wide audience in a very short time which causes a sense of insecurity in a person. It is irritable because the victim cannot guess or trace the responsible person but is continuously being harassed by him.

It’s not just that only females are being bullied but males are also bullied by any person taking revenge or just for the mean of fun. In Pakistan, about 40% of women face harassment on the internet, among which mostly are from Facebook. About 75% of women don’t know about the laws against cyberbullying because of which they suffer a lot in their lives. 

 Not only the public figures (like celebrities) but a common man is facing such type of bullying in his\her daily life.

I witnessed a story of cyberbullying in my family. My female cousin was too close to her friend and she was a bright student as well but her friend was not that much competent so, a factor of jealousy was grown inside her. The story of bullying started when my cousin passed her Fsc exams but her friend got two supplies. Initially, she leaked her mobile number to boys who used to harass her but when my cousin came to knew that this was done by her own friend she blocked those numbers and changed her own number without letting her friend know about the new one. Then her friend hacked her Facebook account and posted her pictures on-page to spoil her image, as we belong to a conservative family where we are not allowed to post our picture on the internet.

She became successful in her aim because no one trusted her at first that her account was hacked due to which my cousin suffers a lot as her in-laws ended her engagement with her cousin and she became the part of gossips in the whole family that lead her to depression. She became ill and was diagnosed with migraine and high blood pressure. She is on medicine and trying to survive in this critical time but her mental health has been damaged along with her social life and image. She couldn’t complain about her friend because she didn’t know about the laws and restrictions for cyberbullying at that time. 

Cyberbullying is fun for those who do this and sometimes people try their abilities and intelligence to hack somebody or to humiliate someone but it’s not funny nor intellectual to use technology to humiliate someone. Because the thing which is a joke for one person can be a life taking threatening for the other one being bullied. Even though there are laws for Cyberbullying but still we can’t completely stop people to do so.

Some years back there was a case I came to knew through the newspaper that a female actress and model of about 20-25 age who was badly bullied on the internet for her body and her carrier, got depressed and not bearing the pain of situation she committed suicide and died of it.  These are not the only case to mention in the list of thousands of people being harassed and killed due to cyberbullying every day.

Here I will mention a recent cyberbullying case from Pakistan, where an actress (named as Rabi pir Zada) was harassed by someone through posting her inappropriate pictures and videos publicly on social networking sites and it is fortunate that she complain against this action of harassment to the responsible institute and team is working on it to give justice to the victim. 

In the race of advancement and increasing technology man himself is becoming susceptible to various things created by him, like weapons, advanced social media, mobile phones and last but not least, an internet. People intervene into the privacy of others simply by using certain wrong ways and techniques and ruin their personal, social and cultural lifestyle. Sometimes this bullying ruins the image of a person due to which her\her carrier is in danger which leads to the fear of unemployment, insult and insecurity of life. 

Psychology can help people to fight against these fears of life. Victims need to be brave and determined to cop up with the loss and damage done by a cybercrime. A person should be mentally and physically strong enough to fight against the crime and to face the society confidently because it’s not the shame to be bullied by someone so, a victim should not hesitate to file a complaint against the offender and to talk about the problem publicly. This will not only help the victim to get justice but also will help to control such illegal activities by applying charges on a responsible person for those activities.

Once the responsible sectors start working actively against offenders it will help to control such people to indulge in humiliation and disrespectful acts. Nobody has the right to humiliate someone or disrespect someone publicly, not even have the right to do so in a private place also. Small mistakes done for any reason can lead to the serious results on which the offender should payoff and repent.

We should keep this thing in our mind, “geo or jeenay do”. Everybody has right on her/his life to live and to enjoy at its fullest and most importantly it must be kept in mind that everybody has a right of freedom so, we need to stop this cyberbullying and say “No to Cyberbullying”.

Submitted by “Aaiza Rehman