Dissociative Identity Disorder is a suspicious kind of psychological disorder, in which an infected person beliefs having two or more than two personalities in him. It was formerly referred to as MPD (Multiple Personality Disorder ). The word “dissociate” means to lose connection with their thoughts and memory. It also includes unexplained loss of personal information from one’s memory. 

 This disease was recently shown in a drama named as Ishq Zahe Naseeb aired on  Hum Tv, In which the main hero Sameer is a young, famous businessman. Sameer’s mother left him when he was quite young. His father married another woman. Sameer was raised by his stepmother after his father’s death. Sameer’s stepmother had a bad temper. She used to punish Sameer by keeping him in a basement of her house this all had a bad effect on Sameer’s mind. There is a girl named Shakra,  she took care of Sameer, when he was locked in the basement.   Shakra used to put lipstick on Sameer and tell himtum meri saheeli ho or aaj sy Mihara Naam Sameera hai. By doing all that shakra had so much impact on Sameer and she ruled over his subconscious. At day time he just behaved like a normal guy but at night he claimed himself to be as Sameera. These two personalities alternately took control of him. He did makeup on himself at night and wore red dupatta. No one was allowed to meet him at night. Sameer used to talk to Shakra and no one was allowed to disturb him at night. In reality, shakra died in early childhood of Sameer but Sameer thought her as alive. Sameer wants to be get rid of this mental disorder but Shakra had a strong grip over Sameer’s subconscious. After that, he was unable to remember anything and won’t be able to maintain a clear memory of himself during these switches. Sameer had no control over his emotions during this condition as he killed her fiance in that situation and he could do harm to others and to himself as well. He often hears voices of Shakra.  Then he married a girl named Gauhar, she made him realized that shakra had died in his childhood and she got him checkup by psychologist and in end, he got rid of this disorder. This changing of personalities is called switching. It may take several minutes or days. 

 Putnam gives a model “discrete behavioural states” in 1997  and according to him the involvement of orbital Frontex cortex will lead to the development of DID. He suggests that neurodevelopmental mechanism is responsible for the development of multiple representations of self.

Some Professionals suggested that DID can be due to childhood trauma, or due to different developmental and cultural factors. It involves severe emotional, physical or sexual abuse. It might be due to accident, natural disaster or war. It can be due to environmental stresses particularly during early childhood years, where emotional abuse will affect personality development. 

 Symptoms observed in the patients of DID were amnesia, headache, violence  ( both to self and to others ), mental health problems like Dissociative Amnesia – there is memory loss, Blurred identity – [ in it a person feels that there are two or more people are talking ].   Several conditions associated with this disorder include depression, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), Personality disorder and anxiety. There are nightmares, flashbacks or startle responses. DID patients   have increased risk of sleep harm and suicide

Treatment involves counselling and care. There should be interviews with psychologists. Several therapies are also available like Psychotherapy – ( talk therapy ), Cognitive-behavioural therapy – ( it focuses on changing thinking patterns, feelings  & behaviours. It help to distinguish between past and present allowing them to calm their brain during times of stress or flashbacks ), Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing [ EMDR] – ( treat people with persistent nightmares, flashbacks ), Hypnosis- ( used to help people more about their personality and how to gain better control of these states ). These psychotherapeutic process should last at least for six months.

Submitted by “Tasmia Imdad