Let’s talk about something. .There are many social issues revolving in the society, but one social evil in which we are directly indulged is dowry. Today, no matrimonial event is considered to be complete unless it is followed by household goods given to the couple as dowry. There’s hardly a wedding solemnised without the family of the bride having to bear the burden of providing their daughter with dowry often asked for by the groom’s family. It’s a bitter reality of this society in which we are living that many of the men, so-called religious and moderate thinkers, support dowry – directly or indirectly. They become silent spectators when their parents demand dowry from would-be parents-in-law. They have the lame excuses of obeying parents.

We should not associate dowry only to uneducated families, but I see people around me ( highly educated, sophisticated) demanding for it directly or indirectly. 

The dowry system can put a great financial burden on the bride’s family. In some cases, the dowry system leads to crime against women, ranging from emotional abuse and injury to even deaths. 90 per cent of women in Pakistan face domestic violence. Causes include low education level, low empowerment, and wrong interpretation of religious and cultural norms in society, poverty, “dowry system”.

Films and dramas should be made on this social evil and dowry should be considered as a sinful act. The film named load wedding, which was released last year highlighted this issue brilliantly. It mocked the bitter reality of society of encouraging and considering dowry as a normal practice very well.

To all the men out there my question is that Are you happy that you are priced and branded as products to be sold at market?

To all the women please don’t marry a person that sees you as a source of valuable goods. In the end let’s just revolutionised our thinking and say no to dowry

Dowry is not just a social evil creating class differences. It also gives undue advantage to the groom’s family to dictate things. I urge all of you that let’s just break this stereotypical stigma of the society and elevate our voice against dowry. Don’t succumb to the societal pressure. Start from your home! Create awareness among the people around you!

Say no to Dowry!

Submitted by “Nimra Iqbal”