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Endangered Hawaiian fly

Drosophila differens is an endangered species of Hawaiian fly within the circle of relatives Drosophilidae. This species is a member of the planitiba subgroup of the picture-wing clade of Hawaiian Drosophila.[2] It’s discovered at the island of Molokai.


Drosophila differens used to be described by means of D. Elmo Hardy and Kenneth Y. Kaneshiro in 1975.[3]. This fly is similar to its Maui relative, D. planitibia, despite the fact that most people of D. differens has a yellow face whilst D. planitibia have a black face.[3] Alternatively, Hardy and Kaneshiro record that it’s tough to search out any persistently distinguishing personality. Those two species are in a position to hybridizing, however crosses in each instructions produce sterile men.

D. differens is greater than many different picture-wing species.[1] It’s reported to reproduce within the rotting bark of Clermontia species.[4]


Drosophila hemipeza used to be indexed as federally endangered in 2006 at the side of ten different species of picture-wing Drosophila.[1] Threats to the conservation of D. hemipeza come with loss-of-habitat, partly because of invasive pigs and rats, in addition to offered predators comparable to yellowjacket wasps. Invasive crops comparable to Psidium cattleianum additionally threaten the conservation of D. differens by means of overwhelming local species and outcompete them for get admission to to gentle. On Molokai, non-native axis deer threaten local ecosystems by means of trampling and overgrazing local crops.



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