Humaid Al Qutami, Director-General of the Dubai Health Authority, DHA, stressed the importance of partnering with international health authorities and research and academic centres in light of the present coronavirus, COVID-19, pandemic.

Al Qutami made this statement during a virtual meeting he chaired with the Dubai Future Council for Health and Well-being.

It is important to boost the health sector’s capabilities by specializing in prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, Al Qutami recognized.

Focusing on monitoring non-communicable diseases and understanding how they develop, especially once they are new strains, are important, he added.

The Council are constantly meeting virtually to debate the local and international updates of COVID-19 and implement the ideas discussed, Al Qutami revealed.

The meeting’s agenda focused on the causes of the fast spread of the virus globally and also the role of the research project in combating this disease.

The Council also discussed the most recent technological developments that help fight the disease, like the convalescent plasma therapy Dubai has begun implementing recently after it absolutely was adopted on a national level.

The meeting also discussed three factors that might help fight the spread of the coronavirus, which include the technical factor specializing in a way to combat the virus through screenings and proactive diagnostic procedures that relies on smart techniques, programmes and apps.

The second factor, which is that the laboratory factor, is anxious with the formation of the virus, its development and understanding the kind of its strains, so as to seek out the optimal ways to limit its spread so eliminate it.

The third factor – telemedicine – which the meeting stressed is vital during this period because it contributes to reducing the probabilities of transmission, and minimises pressure on medical personnel by reducing unnecessary visits to hospitals and health centres.

The council members stressed that their efforts within the next phase would target discussing and implementing local and international guidelines to fight COVID-19.

They emphasised the importance of abiding by decisions and preventive guidelines and procedures especially when it involves physical distancing and staying home.