Education is a basic right, which is imperative for every individual regardless of gender, race, creed or cast. It is central to our development, social progress and human freedom.

Unfortunately, women in Pakistan face deprivation of education, which is a basic fundamental right according to our constitution.

Among 149 million Pakistanis, unsurprisingly, of the illiterate population in Pakistan,41% are males and 65% are females. There is no denying the fact that female literacy ratio, particularly amongst rural women, is the lowest in the world and educational attainment of girls is far below that of boys. The inherent understanding that education can lead to prosperity and social change is absent right from the start.

Education is globally acknowledged as the most powerful means of empowering girls and women and protecting them from the violation of their human rights. Investing in girls’ and women’s education can transform, and even save,lives-the lives of girls and women, and the lives of their families and communities. It is one of the most effective ways to achieve positive, sustainable change in the world, for everyone.

It is the high time to act now and set aside the differences, the present condition demands immediate action. Specific policies and budget targeted towards women’s education empowerment is the way ahead. The educational status of women in Pakistan continues to be deteriorating due to lack of substantive measures.

I request the country’s education minister to put untiring efforts in order to provide quality education for women in the country. 

Submitted by “Aleena Sajjad”