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Dutch-American astronomer

Elske van Panhuys Smith (born 1929) is a Dutch-American astronomer, educational administrator, and creator of books on astronomy. She has additionally been outspoken about discrimination towards ladies in academia.[1]

Schooling and profession[edit]

Smith used to be born in 1929[2] in Monaco because the daughter of a Dutch diplomat. She spent the early years of her lifestyles in Austria sooner than shifting to the Netherlands, Venezuela, Costa Rica, and after all in 1943 to Boston in the United States. She remained in Boston to finish her highschool and faculty schooling, as her father moved directly to extra posts. She majored in astronomy at Radcliffe Faculty, after changing into curious about it thru a freshman-year buddy, and used to be mentored there via Dutch-American astronomer Bart Bok and via Harlow Shapley. She remained at Harvard College together with her husband, Harry Smith, for graduate find out about on interstellar polarization with Bok.[1] She finished her Ph.D. in 1956.[3]

After difficulties discovering a enough option to their two-body drawback, Smith and her husband shifted from stellar astronomy to sun astronomy, then out of style, with a purpose to download joint positions on the Nationwide Sun Observatory on Sacramento Height, hers to begin with part-time. After a yr, she used to be ready to transform her place there to complete time. Seven years later, within the early Sixties, they moved to Boulder, Colorado, so her husband may take a place on the Nationwide Bureau of Requirements; she changed into a analysis fellow on the Joint Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics. They moved once more, a yr later, to Washington DC, the place her husband had a place at NASA; she changed into a school member on the College of Maryland, Faculty Park, and started focusing extra on astronomy schooling than on analysis.[1]

At Maryland, her paintings shifted to educational management, to begin with as performing director of the astronomy program and sooner or later as an assistant vice chancellor. She moved to Virginia Commonwealth College as dean of humanities and science, held the placement for twelve years, after which previous to retiring changed into the director of a brand new program in environmental research.[1]

Smith’s books come with:

  • Sun Flares (with Henry J. Smith, Macmillan, 1963)[4]
  • Introductory Astronomy and Astrophysics (with Kenneth C. Jacobs, Saunders, 1973)[5]


Smith used to be named a Fellow of the American Affiliation for the Development of Science in 1966.[6]


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