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The Speedy Motion Reaction (Indonesian: Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT)) was once an Indonesian non-profit group that specializes in humanitarian paintings, specializing in catastrophe control, from help all the way through the emergency section to the post-disaster restoration section. The allow for the group is revoked by means of Indonesian govt in 2022 for allegation of misusing the finances from its donors.

Historical past[edit]

The group took its first motion in 1994 in Liwa, West Lampung in accordance with the earthquake. It develop into Aksi Cepat Tanggap Basis in 21 April 2005.[1]

Excluding emergency reaction actions, ACT additionally expanded its actions to post-disaster restoration techniques, group empowerment, and building, in addition to spiritual-based techniques corresponding to qurban, zakat, and waqf. ACT deliberate to be at the leading edge of “human tragedy occasions” corresponding to herbal screw ups, droughts, famines, and wars, and to improve minority persecution in more than a few nations.[2]

In 2012, the group expanded throughout Indonesia, opening department workplaces throughout 30 provinces and 100 districts in Indonesia. In the similar 12 months, ACT additionally claimed to have established a presence in 22 different nations.[3]

Throughout the 2013 Egyptian coup d’├ętat, ACT despatched 3 of its volunteers to Cairo to offer clinical help.[4] In the similar 12 months, ACT additionally supplied help for Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar, claiming that Muslims in Myanmar must apply their faith in secret.[5]

In 2014, ACT despatched 4 of its volunteers, in conjunction with actress Peggy Sukmana, to help Palestinians in Gaza Strip.[6][7] ACT is sending meals, clinical provides, turbines, and gas for the Palestinians.[8]

In 2017, ACT despatched 1000’s of tonnes of rice to Somalis which can be suffering from famines, in conjunction with Muslim Rohingyas refugees which can be living in Bangladesh. ACT claimed that President Donald Trump’s statement about spotting Jerusalem because the capital town of Israel has greater concern, however it additionally resulted in additional Indonesians giving to the group.[9]

In 2018, via “Humanity Send for Palestine” ACT is sending 2,000 tonnes of rice to Palestine. ACT said that the cargo is evidence that Indonesia is a wealthy nation, and greater than succesful to ship extra than simply nasi bungkus to its pals.[10][11] A equivalent program may be carried out once more in 2019.[12]

In 2019, ACT endured its improve for the Palestinians, offering blank water and clinical help for Palestinians which can be maintaining a protest hard their independence. ACT supported the suitable of independence for the Palestinians, and promised that improve from Indonesians won’t subside because the combat by means of the Palestinians for his or her independence endured.[13] ACT said that their help may also be fascinated about Palestinians which can be suffering from airstrikes dedicated by means of the Israeli Air Drive.[14]

In 2020, ACT despatched 1,000 heaps of logistics to Indonesians and Indonesian Armed Forces in Natuna Islands, within the “Act of Shield Indonesia”, as a reaction to Chinese language fishing vessels violating the Indonesia Zone of Financial Exclusivity more than one instances within the South China Sea.[15]

In 2021, an ambulance in Gaza Strip is observed with ACT emblem in it. ACT said that it has supplied the ambulance, with the aid of the town govt of Padang.[16] The chairman of ACT, Ahyudin, claimed that Israeli infantrymen have entered Palestinian properties and structures. Ahyudin reiterated the wish to take again the land of Palestine from Israeli occupiers.[17]


In 2019, ACT, in conjunction with e-commerce corporate Bukalapak, was once accused to make use of the donation to fund ISIS and Hizb ut-Tahrir in Syria. ACT and Bukalapak rejected the accusation, claiming that the finances given to Syrians had been handiest given to refugees and different sufferers, and no finances got to the Syrian govt or different terror organizations.[18][19]

In 2020, Hindustan Occasions has additionally reported that Indian safety businesses have red-flagged ACT, as ACT had hyperlinks to Falah-e-Insaniyat Basis (FIF), the charity wing of the Pakistan-based Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) terror crew, which can be elevating finances within the identify of Delhi riots. ACT rejected the declare, and said that they’re handiest carrying out humanitarian techniques.[20]

2022 scandal[edit]

In July 2022, a file by means of Indonesian information media Pace claimed that the group has dedicated large monetary mismanagement regarding donations.[21] The file alleged that the management of ACT gained very top wage, attaining Rp. 250 million for the chairman, Rp. 150 million for the Senior Vice Presidents, Rp. 80 million for the Vice Presidents, Rp. 50 million for the Govt Administrators, and Rp. 30 million for its administrators.[22] The file additionally claimed that the management of the group gained luxurious vehicles.[21] ACT claimed that the numbers claimed by means of the file had been flawed, because the wage numbers had been brief, however ACT agreed the numbers had been proper for 2021.[23] ACT claimed that exterior auditors have discovered that no wrongdoing is located on their group.[21]

Indonesian Monetary Transaction Stories and Research Centre (INTRAC) said that the donation given to ACT was once now not right away getting used for charity functions, however the fund is getting used for industry functions by means of companies owned by means of the management of ACT. INTRAC additionally said that the management of the birthday celebration gained non-public cash in for the usage of the donation finances.[24][25] INTRAC additionally discovered that one of the vital recipients of the fund is affiliated with Al-Qaeda, and the recipient were arrested in Turkey on account of their allegation to Al Qaeda.[25] Indonesian Nationwide Police counter-terrorism squad Densus 88 has said that they’re going to examine the relationship between ACT and Al-Qaeda.[26] ACT claimed that they didn’t have any wisdom concerning the cash switch to the Al-Qaeda affiliated individual.[27] On 6 July, INTRAC additionally suspended 60 financial institution accounts which can be associated with ACT.[28]

Moreover, INTRAC additionally identified that there are more than one transactions to nations that experience a top possibility of terrorism investment corresponding to Turkey, Bosnia, Albania, and India.[29]

On 7 July 2022, the Ministry of Social Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia revoked the allow for ACT after the group is suspected to violate the rules on donation.[30]


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