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Floyd J. Saint Clair
American conductor (1871-1942)

Floyd J. Saint Clair ( additionally: St. Clair ) ( Johnstown, Pennsylvania), February 4, 1871 – August 23, 1942 ) was once an American composer, conductor, cornet participant, and organist. For sure works he used the pseudonym: SJ Floyd.

Floyd J. Saint Clair

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Complete title
Floyd J. Saint Clair
February 4, 1871
Passed on to the great beyond
August 23, 1942
United States Flag United States
HaFaBra track
composer , conductor , cornetist and organist
organ , cornet
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Saint Clair performed as a cornetist in different orchestras. In 1892 he based the Gounod Orchestra and arranged many live performance excursions with this orchestra. He was once an organist on the Congregational Church from 1907 to 1922 and on the Cleveland Theater from 1913 to 1915.

As a contributor to the track publishing corporate HN White Publishing Comp. he was once head of the orchestra division for roughly 25 years. He was once absolute best recognized for his marches for live performance band.

Works for live performance band

   1902 Sunny Jim , March and Two-Step
   1902 The Bachelor Maids
   1902 The Metal King , March
   1905 American beauties , march
   1910 The Iron King , March
   1914 Water Lillas (A Meditation)
   1923 Maid of West , march
   1935 Global Occasions , march
   1940 Richard III: Overture
   L'Aiglon (The Eaglet) , Overture Fantasie
   Land of the Nighttime Solar
   Lincoln Freeway
   Merry Maidens
   Nationwide Salute March
   The Plumed Knight
   Vie De Boheme

Vocal track

   1918 The provider flag , for top voice and piano - textual content: William Herschell (1873-1939)

Running for organ

   1913 Reverie in D flat primary
   Reminiscences: (a meditation)

Works for piano

   1904 Audrey , Scottish
   1914 Water Lilies (A Meditation)
   1926 Night melody
   Pensive ideas


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