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American paleobiologist

Frankie Jackson is an American instructional whose occupation has centered at the evolution and fossil historical past of archosaur copy, specifically the learn about of fossil eggs. Her analysis on fossil eggs spans 5 continents, and has been foundational to our perspectives of dinosaur nesting conduct.

Early lifestyles and training[edit]

After shifting to Montana, she studied geography at College of Montana and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts, with honors, following this with a PhD at Montana State College the place she was once labored and taught for a number of a long time. She was once the primary doctoral pupil granted a PhD in Earth Sciences at Montana State College [1].


Jackson makes use of Scanning Electron Microscopy, histology, calculation of water vapor conductance charges, and different analytical ways to spot eggshell and make paleoecological inferences. Her paintings has contributed to our figuring out of theropod[2], sauropod[3], and turtle[4] reproductive evolution.

A different center of attention has been the occurence of pathologies and microbial infections in fossil eggs [5][6]. Egg pathologies may also be informative of the taphonomy of the eggshell, or the biology of the mummy[7].

She has led vital paintings at the reproductive conduct of residing animals corresponding to turtles and crocodylians[8]

Public engagement[edit]

Jackson has used her dinosaur and avian reproductive analysis because the launching level for academic tasks, together with an NSF grant partnering undergraduate scholars with fossil egg researchers in China[9].
She was once featured in Luis Chiappe and Lowell Dingus’ ebook in regards to the discovery of sauropod nesting websites in Argentina, “Strolling on Eggs”[10].


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