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The Gebauer 1934.M GKM used to be a 7.92×57 mm air-cooled system gun evolved via Ferenc Gebauer at Danuvia in 1934 and used to be in use from 1934-1942 within the Hungarian Air Power[1].

A modern design for it is time, the 1934.M Gebauer Kényszermeghajtású Motorgéppuska (GKM) used to be the 3rd of 5 trends that began in 1918 with the 1918.M[2]. Designed for use via plane as an observer’s weapon, the 1934.M used a gas-operated gadget, with shells ejecting from the left aspect[3], and used to be fed via a 100-round “Horváth” drum, which introduced double the capability of weapons used on different plane[4]. As time went via it used to be supplanted via extra fashionable guns such because the MG-15 & MG-81[5].


The 1934/37.M, in 8×56mmR, used to be evolved in 1937 to be used on tanks and used to be additionally utilized by gunboats in anti-aircraft installations. The 1934/40.M used to be similar to the 1934/37.M excluding that it used to be belt-fed as an alternative of drum fed[6].


  • Caliber = 7.92×57mm Mauser
  • Motion = Gasoline operated
  • Feed = Drum, 100 cartridges
  • Period = 98 cm
  • Barrel period = 60 cm
  • Weight = 9.5 kg
  • Cyclic Charge = 700–900 rpm
  • Muzzle Pace = 620-750 m/s



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