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Heterothele gabonensis, sometimes called the Gabon Blue Dwarf Baboon Tarantula is a species of tarantula present in Gabon. It was once first described through Pierre Hippolyte Lucas in 1858, below the title Mygale gabonensis. They’re semi arboreal tarantulas, that internet moderately so much. They have got additionally confirmed some communal dispositions within the type of tolerance for one some other over a longer time period.[1][2]


Women are living as much as 7 years, whilst men most effective are living to two.[2] Their carapace is a golden colour, with some black colour, their legs are black, below sure gentle it is going to glance darkish blue, with golden coloured segmentations. Their opisthosoma is golden, with a large number of black striping, forming an intricate trend.


They’re typically discovered within the open forests of Lope Nationwide Park, Gabon, particularly within the Uapaca bushes, there they are able to be present in prime numbers, dwelling in shut proximity to each other.[1] The common temperature is 26ÂșC with moderate once a year rainfall of one,800mm.[3] It’s house to animals corresponding to Woodland Elephants, Mandrills and Black Guineafowls.[4]


They’re semi arboreal tarantulas, making intricate webs in leaves and branches. They’re skittish, who prefer to run slightly then combat, however they’re additionally keen to chunk. They have got additionally proven communal dispositions, as they’ll tolerate every different for prolonged sessions of time, despite the fact that this has now not been totally examined. Being in comparison to the Heterothele villosella tarantula, with its degree of communalism.This in fact isn’t really helpful in captivity, particularly with the sort of uncommon tarantula.[1][2]



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