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4th episode of the 17th season of Circle of relatives Man

Honey, I Shriveled the Griffins” is the fourth episode of the 17th season of the American animated tv sequence Circle of relatives Man.


When Stewie returns from a less-than-ideal celebration, he reveals what seems to be a canine whistle in his reward bag. After hectic Brian with it, the latter puts it out of his succeed in whilst teasing him about being brief. To get even, Stewie builds a shrink ray and turns it unfastened on Brian. After you have a adequate apology from him, Stewie turns his again to revive him to his commonplace measurement, however Brian reveals himself attacked by way of a rat who drags him into his hollow. Stewie is pressured to shrink himself to go into the rat hollow the place he kills the rat, but if he makes an attempt to revive the pair to their commonplace measurement, Brian pushes the unsuitable button and finally ends up shrinking them to microscopic measurement.

After dodging carnivorous mud mites, they befriend a bunch of water bears, unaware that Lois known as an exterminator for the rat who advises camping the home. Making an attempt to achieve Brian’s laptop to hyperlink it to the shrink ray with the water bears with a promise of limitless water, a horde of mud mites pursue the crowd as Stewie manages to revive himself and Brian to their commonplace measurement. Then again, a couple of mud mites also are enlarged and get started pursuing the pair because the worm bombs begin to fill the home with poison. Simply because it looks as if they’re trapped in the home, they’re rescued by way of Tiny Tom Cruise. Peter finds that Chris and Meg have by chance been left within the home as neatly. Meg nearly makes a decision to ‘observe the sunshine’ with Prince and Alan Thicke till Peter drags them out.

With the entirety returned to commonplace, Stewie tries to praise their water undergo buddies with a drop of water, sadly drowning all of them within the procedure.


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