How Corona Virus Is Affecting Mental Health Of Pakistani People And How To Deal With It: Lockdown is although necessary but it is causing problems for people with daily wages. The pandemic is clearly having social and psychological effects on the whole population increasing unemployment, separating families. Pakistan is a developing country. Lockdown is causing many problems for the country including a downfall in the economy. Lockdowns and a poor economy are making coronavirus more dangerous then already it is. This situation is causing more problems for people who are already suffering from mental disorders.

Due to downfall in the economy, the majority of people have no source of earning they can’t feed their families properly. Even if people have no financial problems a very small fraction of people would like to stay at home doing nothing but for how long?As there is no treatment for the deadly virus we don’t know what will happen next?

This situation is depressing even for people who don’t have mental health problems. People are suffering from different mental health problems like stress, anxiety, depression, fear and many more. People with daily wages nowadays consider them failure they feel guilty because they can,t feed their families. These kind of thoughts are leading them to stress. Majority of people is facing this kind of stress which is more of a burden. This mental stress even leads them to suicidal thoughts.

Fear is another mental disorder. Most people don’t consider fear as a mental disorder. But feelings of intense fear that prevent people from doing everyday activities this fear is considered a mental disorder. Due to fear that they may become infected with the virus some people have not even step a foot outside the room only because of fear of catching virus.

People having anxiety disorders such as OCD are washing their hands again and again. Depression is one of the leading cause of suicide across the world. People have nothing to do they don’t know how to make use of their time. Self-isolation is not as good as it sounds. Spending days isolating from the world is not easy for social people. Even the majority of anti-social people also don’t love the concept of staying home for so long especially when you don’t know what is in the box?

Many of us will be spending time at home many of our regular social activities will no longer be available to us. It will help to see us a different period of our lives and not necessarily a bad one even if we don’t choose it. It depends on the perspective. It will mean a different rhythm of life.

We can try something to preserve our mental health. Try to be in touch with your loved ones through social media. Create a new daily routine that prioritises looking after yourself, you could try reading more, trying new relaxation techniques, having an exercise routine, try finding new knowledge. Try and rest and view this as an unusual experience of life that may have its own benefits. Take all hygiene measures.

At time of stress, we work better in the company to try to keep in touch with your family and friends who will support you. It is ok to feel vulnerable as you read news about the outbreak especially if you have experienced trauma in the past. There is extensive news coverage about the virus if you feel stressed more than usual try avoids watching the news regularly.  It is best that you don’t avoid all news and that you keep informing and educating yourself but limit your news intake if it is bothering you. Besides, there is a lot of misinformation swirling around stay informed by sticking to trusted sources.

Spend time with your family. Because we all wanted to spend time with our families but we couldn’t due to our busy schedules. Then it is the proper time. Find some hobbies. Take proper diet. Try to do something that you always wished to do like cooking, driving anything that will divert your mind. And most importantly pray to God try to make your connection strong with God.

Besides, it is really pathetic that the fifth most populous country in the world has only 19% of psychiatrists and a very small number of therapists and mental health organizations. If you have a mental problem they will simply call you mad and that’s it. End of story!

But it is quite difficult for the person and for also the family of suffering person. So if you know someone with mental disorder help them simply support them emotionally. Emotional help is very important during this situation. Help support them a healthy lifestyle. Please be kind to them. You have no idea from what they are going through.

If you can’t do anything at least you can pray and hope for the better. This is the least we could do. Times are bad but have faith that this is certainly not the end. Darkest hours are just before the dawn and only in the darkness, we can see the stars. This too shall pass. Hard times never last. In the end, everything will be fine. We all will get through this. Have a little faith that our best lives are ahead of us. Stay safe! Stay positive! And let’s hope that better days are coming.

Submitted by “Noor Un Nisa Kayani”