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Into The Agony is the 7th studio album by way of Chicago-based pop-punk band the Smoking Popes. It’s the first studio album of recent track from the band that includes the unique lineup since 1997’s Vacation spot Failure.[1] It used to be launched on October twelfth, 2018. [2]

Observe List[edit]

1. “Simmer Down” 2:26
2. “I Can Really feel You” 2:34
3. “Amanda My Love” 4:10
4. “When You Need One thing” 4:27
5. “Get Glad” 2:00
6. “No The next day This night” 3:11
7. “Little Lump of Coal” 2:35
8. “Want I Did not Love You” 4:06
9. “Melting The us” 3:31
10. “At some point I’m going to Smile Once more” 3:39
General duration: 32:39


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