Child labor the utilization of having paid work. In the past year, 11 million children have been working in Pakistan and half of them are under the age of ten children are forced to work. It was estimated that one-quarter of the country depends on child work. In the urban areas, 37% of working boys were in the wholesale and retail industry and 48% of girls were employed in the service factory while 30%  were in the manufacturing company. In rural areas, 68% of boys are working and 82% of girls are working in manufacturing. the Labor department of Pakistan surveyed in different countries and identified that 10,347 brick kilns were in different cities of Pakistan and the total of 126,779 children was  identified in different cities in Pakistan out of the total the survey identified that 32,727 children were not attending the schools 


In Pakistan, the population is on the poverty line due to child labor has been taking place to date. Child labor exists in all the sectors of Pakistan especially in the informal employment sector and home based-work. All over Pakistan, the ration of working children in Pakistan was approximately 3.5 million or 7% total workforce of Pakistan. Those children who are under the age of 10 workings in the small family businesses which are unregistered in the government so they are not included in child labor. Moreover, the children who are above 14 are around 40 million it is estimated that around 8 million children are in child labor so the survey concluded that in rural and urban areas the ration of child labor was 7:1. The total percentage of child labor in Pakistan is about 60 percent.


Pakistan is facing many problems. One of them is child labor, all over the world children have been forcing to work, in the school-going age, the children are working in a hazardous environment which effects on their mental and physical health they face slavery, human trafficking, and experience sexual exploitation at work and put their lives in danger and experience serious injuries. The main problem of child labor is poverty because limited resources are available for a person to get a job even their salaries are not much enough to run their lives due to high inflation. One the other side in the firm the low cost of child labor gives a huge benefit in the form of manufactures a significant advantage in the market place so where they work in the resemble amount.



Poverty is the key reason for child labor, in our county, most of the families live in poverty. They are unable to send children to school they permit to work to earn money due to the high inflation, the income is very low to spend a successful life. If anyone or both the parents have passed away so the community should help to reduce poverty if these children get help so they can go to school instead of workplace 


Education plays an important role in reducing child labor. When the school provides free meals and uniforms to the poor family, so they will send their children to school. When the children get their education, so they have more options to do a lot of things in life instead of doing standard jobs in different firms.


Donate your money to charities to stop children to work in the factories, donate money to charities that will end up child labor, and generate education but no one donatesheavy amount to reduce poverty and help them to educate their children. There is not a right place to dedicate yourself to fight for child labor. Some charity already works for child labor and help them for good work 


Creating awareness about child labor which is legally and morally wrong .Conducting a campaign to create awareness about child labor that gives harmful effect on child’s health, so government along with non-governmental organization and civil society should try to create awareness about child labor to their parents 


Child labor cases will reduce due to unskilled workers category, organization demands for skilled labor so the ratio of skilled labor rises. Established skill-based learning center which aims to improve literacy and contribute to the availability of skilled and trained workers in the job market 

Law of child labor

According to the policy of the federal government, Pakistan has banned child labor below the age of 14 years. Pakistan has legally ended child labor. The labor law prohibits the employment of children below the age of 14 years, article 11(3), no child below the age of 14 shall be engaged in any factory or any hazardous employment. Article 259(A) says that the education of children is compulsory between the age of five to sixteen years which is determined by the law. It means that no child can work below the age of 16, the law said that if any organization permits any child to work in an organization so it must be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to one year or with fine which extends to RS, 20,000 or with both. 


Child labor is one of the problems in the world. Many children never attended school because of their family’s low income due to lack of education they involve in different activities at the end they become a criminal so most of the people start a protest against child labor, with the help of human right organization child labor should be banned in modern society.

Submitted by ROSHAN-E-ZAFAR, 19 June 2020