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James Gang’s vintage lineup in 1970.

James Gang was once an American exhausting rock band from Cleveland, Ohio. Shaped in 1966, the crowd in the beginning consisted of vocalist and keyboardist Phil Giallombardo, lead guitarist Greg Grandillo, rhythm guitarist Ronnie Silverman, bassist Tom Kriss, and drummer Jimmy Fox. When the band broke up in early 1977, the lineup featured consistent member Fox and Giallombardo (who rejoined in 1976 after leaving in 1968), along bassist Dale Peters (who joined in 1969) and guitarist Bob Webb (who joined in 1976). Following their disbandment, the vintage lineup of Joe Walsh, Peters and Fox reunited on a number of events for one-off reside performances.

Historical past[edit]

James Gang was once shaped in 1966 via Phil Giallombardo, Ronnie Silverman, Tom Kriss and Jimmy Fox, who labored with a succession of lead guitarists early on – first Greg Grandillo, who was once nearly “straight away” changed via Dennis Chandler, adopted in a while thereafter via John “Mouse” Michalski.[1] Sooner than the top of 1966, Glenn Schwartz had taken over lead guitar tasks.[2] The following summer time, Silverman left to enroll in the military and was once changed within the team via Invoice Jeric.[3] On the finish of 1967, Schwartz left to relocate to Los Angeles, California the place he shaped Pacific Fuel & Electrical.[4] Schwartz was once changed within the new 12 months via Joe Walsh.[5] In a while after Walsh’s arrival, Giallombardo left and Silverman returned.[1] At the eve of a display supporting Cream in June, Silverman left and the crowd was a trio, with Walsh taking on on lead vocals.[6]

Joe Walsh took over as James Gang’s vocalist in 1968 for his or her first 3 studio albums.

The lineup of Walsh, Kriss and Fox launched James Gang’s debut, Yer’ Album, in March 1969.[7] Simply sooner than recording the follow-up James Gang Rides Once more that November, Kriss was once changed via Dale Peters.[8]James Gang Rides Once more was once adopted via Thirds and the band’s first reside album Reside in Live performance in 1971, sooner than Walsh left on the finish of the 12 months to pursue new initiatives, later claiming that “I used to be pissed off simply being the one melodic device [in the band] … I sought after to increase and check out one thing else.”[9] Early the following 12 months, Peters and Fox had been joined via two new contributors – vocalist Roy Kenner and guitarist Domenic Troiano, each previously of Mandala and Bush.[10]

After freeing Immediately Shooter and Passin’ Through in 1972, Troiano left James Gang in August 1973.[11] He was once changed straight away via Tommy Bolin, who debuted briefly at the band’s subsequent album Bang.[12] After freeing the follow-up Miami in the summertime of 1974, Kenner left the crowd that September to go back to his local Toronto.[13] He was once adopted the following month via Bolin.[12] After a short lived hiatus, Peters and Fox shaped a brand new incarnation of James Gang in early 1975 with vocalist Robert “Bubba” Keith and guitarist Richard Shack, who recorded New child.[8] By means of the top of the 12 months, Keith have been changed via unique frontman Phil Giallombardo, whilst Shack had made manner for Bob Webb, either one of whom carried out at the 1976 album Jesse Come House.[14] After a last length of traveling, James Gang after all disbanded in early 1977.[15]

Since their unique breakup, James Gang’s vintage lineup of Joe Walsh, Dale Peters and Jimmy Fox have briefly reunited on a number of events. The primary time was once in July 1991, after they carried out “Funk #49” throughout a Walsh solo display.[16] Subsequent, the crowd performed at an election rally for Invoice Clinton in November 1996,[8] adopted via a efficiency on The Drew Carey Display in 1998.[17] In February 2001, the trio (joined via keyboardist Mark Avsec) performed 3 displays on the Rock and Roll Corridor of Status and Allen Theatre in Cleveland.[18] In June 2005, the similar lineup carried out a couple of displays on the Beachland Ballroom.[19] Right through August and September 2006, the band carried out its longest reunion excursion so far in the United States.[20] For the displays, the core trio had been joined via keyboardist Invoice Appleberry, plus backing vocalists Gia Ciambotti, Robbyn Kirmsse and Stacy Michelle.[21]



Symbol Identify Years lively Tools Unencumber contributions
Jimmy Fox
  • 1966–1977
  • 2001
  • 2005
  • 2006 (plus one-off reunions in 1991, 1996 and 1998)
  • drums
  • percussion
  • keyboards
  • occasional guitar
  • backing vocals
all James Gang releases
Joe Walsh.png
Joe Walsh
  • 1968–1971
  • 2001
  • 2005
  • 2006 (plus one-off reunions in 1991, 1996 and 1998)
  • lead vocals
  • lead and rhythm guitars
  • keyboards
Dale Peters
  • 1969–1977
  • 2001
  • 2005
  • 2006 (plus one-off reunions in 1991, 1996 and 1998)
  • bass
  • percussion
  • backing and lead vocals
all James Gang releases from James Gang Rides Once more (1970) onwards


Symbol Identify Years lively Tools Unencumber contributions
Tom Kriss 1966–1969 (died 2013)
  • bass
  • vibraphone
  • flute
  • backing vocals
Yer’ Album (1969)
Phil Giallombardo Jesse Come House (1976)
Ronnie Silverman rhythm guitar none
Greg Grandillo 1966 lead guitar
Dennis Chandler
John “Mouse” Michalski
Glenn Schwartz 1966–1967 (died 2018)
Invoice Jeric 1967–1968 rhythm guitar
Roy Kenner 1972–1974
  • lead vocals
  • percussion
  • harmonica
Domenic Troiano 1972–1973 (died 2005)
  • lead and rhythm guitars
  • backing and lead vocals
  • Immediately Shooter (1972)
  • Passin’ Through (1972)
Tommy Bolin with a Yamaha SX (cropped).jpg
Tommy Bolin 1973–1974 (died 1976)
  • lead and rhythm guitars
  • synthesizers
  • backing and lead vocals
Robert “Bubba” Keith 1975 New child (1975)
Richard Shack
  • lead guitar
  • backing vocals
Bob Webb 1975–1977
  • lead and rhythm guitars
  • backing and lead vocals
  • Thirds (1971) – visitor look on one monitor
  • Jesse Come House (1976)


Symbol Identify Years lively Tools Main points
Mark Avsec keyboards Avsec joined Walsh, Peters and Fox for 3 displays in February 2001 and two in June 2005.[18][19]
Invoice Appleberry 2006 Appleberry, Ciambotti, Kirmsse and Michelle finished the James Gang excursion in summer time 2006.[21]
Gia Ciambotti backing vocals
Robbyn Kirmsse
Stacy Michelle




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