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Key visible that includes the Mew Mews.

The episodes of the Tokyo Mew Mew New anime sequence are in keeping with the manga sequence of the similar identify written through Reiko Yoshida and illustrated through Mia Ikumi. Directed through Takahiro Natori and produced through Yumeta Corporate and Graphinica, the episodes center of attention on 5 ladies infused with the DNA of uncommon animals that provides them particular powers and lets them grow to be into “Mew Mews”. Led through Ichigo Momomiya, the women offer protection to the earth from extraterrestrial beings who need to “reclaim” it. This can be a remake of the unique sequence.

In April 2020, the anime used to be introduced to commemorate the manga and anime’s twentieth anniversary.[1] The sequence premiered on July 6, 2022 on TV Tokyo. The hole theme for the sequence is “Cat! Shite SuperGirls” (Cat!!してSuperGirls) and the finishing theme is “Tokimeki ☆ Ichigo Ichie” (トキメキ☆イチゴいちえ, “Heartbeat ☆ As soon as-in-a-Lifetime”), each carried out through Smewthie.[2]

Sentai Filmworks has authorized the sequence out of doors of Asia.[3] It’s simulcasted on its streaming provider, HIDIVE.[4]

Episode listing[edit]

No. Identify[a] Directed through Written through Unique air date
1 “Wait, What?! I’m a Superhero Now?! Meow!”
Transcription: “Donatteru no!? Kyō kara Seigi no Mikatada Nyan!” (Eastern: どーなってるの!? 今日から正義の味方だにゃん!)
Takahiro Natori Yuka Yamada July 6, 2022 (2022-07-06)
Ichigo Momomiya is a first-year highschool scholar who longs for romance. She meets Masaya Aoyama, the preferred boy in school, and is going on a date with him. Then again, at the day of the date, she is hit through a mysterious beam of sunshine. She is fused with the genes of an Iriomote cat, an endangered species, and turns into Mew Ichigo, a heroine of justice who protects the Earth.
2 “What Makes a Actual Pal?”
Transcription: “Hontō no Tomodachi itte Nan Desu ka?” (Eastern: 本当の友達ってなんですか?)
Takahiro Natori Yuka Yamada July 13, 2022 (2022-07-13)

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  1. ^ English titles are taken from HIDIVE.



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