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Liudvika Didžulienė–Nitaitė (pseudonym Žmona, 21 April 1856 Robliai, Rokiškis district – 25 October 1925 Griežionėlės ) was once a Lithuanian author and public determine.[1][2]

In 1876, she married Stanislaus Didžiulis. She allotted the Lithuanian language books banned via the tsar. She arranged gathered folklore , and works of Antanas Strazdas , Antanas Vienažindis and different poets.

From 1896 – 1907, whilst residing in Mintauja together with her youngsters, she based a boarding college for Lithuanian schoolchildren. Many scholars studyied in Mintauja, together with Antanas Smetona , Juozas Vaičkus , Juozas Tübelis , Konstantinas Jasiukaitis , Justinas Vienožinskis .[3]



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