Domestic violence is one of the most overlooked forms of violence in today’s society. Domestic violence is most likely to occur behind closed doors. Today as people all around the world are under lockdown and are behind closed doors as government announces it, to stop the spread of coronavirus. As the coronavirus changed everyone’s lifestyle but the life of domestic violence victim became more miserable, they can’t seek help from anywhere in this lockdown.

They can’t even go to shelter houses as these houses are becoming quarantine centres in some countries and they can’t even go to their parent’s house because the elderly people are at higher risk to get the virus. There are many victims whose mobile phones are destroyed by their abusers and many others may not have mobile phones either that’s left them helpless with no way to call the police or their well-wishers.

I have a fear those people who are experiencing domestic violence may survive coronavirus but not lockdown. Survivors of domestic violence are again becoming victims of domestic violence because they are unable to visit the counselling clinic from where they get guidance and help. Now in these days of the lockdown, the abuser is free to do anything they want to do whether he beat his partner, sister, children or even they start to break things in the house and he is fearless because he knows that there is no one to whom he will be answerable.

The rate of domestic violence also increases because there are many unemployed men in the world and their wives are working to make both ends meet and these unemployed men are mostly alcoholic and now in this lockdown when everything has stopped so these women can’t go out to earn which makes the alcoholic husband is deprived of their share so, they become aggressive and take out their aggression on their wives by using abusive language and beating them.

The countries like India, Pakistan, China, Italy, Germany, Australia and France are more reported for the domestic violence cases during the period of lockdown since March 2020. These countries already have one of the highest rates of domestic violence. In Hubei, a province of China, the reports of domestic violence to the police are tripling. According to the news in the coastal province of Valencia after the five days of lockdown, a woman was killed by his husband in front of his children.

In the U.S the rate of domestic violence has also increased likewise other countries as nearly 20 people per minute are physically abused by their partners. According to the report, in many American cities, most types of crimes have fallen in recent weeks, but the rate of domestic violence has increased. In another news, I read that in West Midlands police has made 400 arrests for domestic violence abuse in last two weeks and officers are afraid that more domestic violence case goes unreported because it became harder for the victim to escape abusers during a lockdown or make a call for help.

There many such cases all around the world some are reported, while many go unreported due to lockdown. Government of these countries are taking measure for the people who are facing abuse, introducing special helplines from where they can get quick response.

 Governments all around the world should provide a helpline to the victim so that they can quickly seek help. In this difficult time, we should look around our surrounding whether someone is facing domestic violence and we should try to help them and protect them from the abuser by calling the police or other helplines provided by the government. I hope this situation gets better soon and we all get to our normal lifestyle and those people who are suffering from domestic violence get a relief.

Submitted by “Hajra Tahir”