Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s decision to maneuver off from Britain all the thanks to the us may have largely been influenced by the media scrutiny.

However, even from across the pond, the prseems to own hardly relinquished control because the pair continues to urge hounded by reporters and paparazzi even in l. a. , California.

And for that reason, the newest news to return out of the Sussex household suggests that the couple could also be renting out a $10 million mansion in an exceedingly gated community that might be safer from hawk-eyed shutterbugs lingering around their residence.

As per The Sun, the couple’s rented home will “paparazzi-proof” while it also boasts of a pool, landscaped gardens and a gym.

A grapevine spilled to the publication about the Sussex couple’s current residence, saying: “The market is dive-bombing at the instant so a permanent move seems your time away. so that they have tried to form life as comfortable as possible in their rented house, and have found an exquisite complex off from prying eyes…It is accessible through two guarded checkpoints, and prides itself on being ‘paparazzi-proof’.”

“Most houses here are enormous and quite few celebs live nearby, including Elton [John]. If they can’t move for one more few months, a minimum of they’re going to be happy and extremely comfortable here,” the insider added.