Pakistan is known as the land of youth. There is no doubt that the young man has played an important role in every struggle of Pakistan since independence. From the military to the young, the common people are always ready to sacrifice for Pakistan. Whatever is the basis of this country is Islam. Who teaches sacrifice. Hazarat Abraham (RA) went to the field of Arafat to sacrifice his son. Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah laid the foundation for the Pakistani nation. Pakistan was created on the ideology of the country of Islam. Fighters like Khalid bin Walid (RA), Mahmood Ghaznavi and Mohammed bin Qasim are examples for this nation. In spite of all these examples. The downfall of the Pakistani nation is a sign of weakening of faith.

God has blessed this nation with perfect personalities. The wealthy, practising people were the founders of this nation. But alas, his luxury is being destroyed by this nation. This is proof of the un unity of the Pakistani people even in the worst situation of the present Corona. That this nation has forgotten the teaching of its ancestors. This nation is not familiar with the example of the brotherhood of the Muslims of Makkah. The destruction of this nation is heartbreaking for its injustice and brotherhood.

The country is truly the source of a knowledgeable and trusted leader. Which uses thinking for the general public. Those who think of themselves as a Pakistani, rather than as a member of a political party. A person whose role in action brings the inner fragrance of Islam For those who do not wear religious clothing for pictures. The purpose is to only protect the country. Who is not greedy of a seat or chair. Whose language is for the rich and the poor alike.

In Pakistan, some people are calling themselves Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal and Quaid-e-Azam. They may have forgotten the sacrifices. They are not aware that there is a difference in the sky for awakening and deceiving Muslims. Quaid-i-Azam never influenced a person’s personal life in politics. Jinnah’s thinking was different from other people’s. They wanted to make economic policies in favour of the general public. They wanted to make the decision to go beyond the colour decent. He wanted to put the spirit of Islam in everything.

Today, the rulers are in great misunderstanding, they think that they have become outwardly Allama Iqbal and Jinnah. To become Iqbal and Jinnah you have to change your thinking, then your character and then the process. The rulers of today are the outward vests of Islam making their criminals and the masses mad. Iqbal has always said that the spirit of Islam can only be adapted to self and action. Jinnah, on the other hand, has always vowed to work hard and that is the spirit of true Islam.