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Mary Jo, more than a few spelled Mari Jo, Mary Joe and an identical, is a female given title discovered basically in the USA. It’s ceaselessly a contraction of Mary Josephine, Mary Joanna or an identical.

Notable folks with the title come with:

  • Mary Jo Baedecker (born 1941), American geochemist
  • Mary Jo Bane, American political scientist
  • Mary Jo Bang (born 1946), American poet
  • Mary Jo Bona, American literary pupil
  • Mary Jo Bole (born 1956), American artist
  • Mari Jo Buhle (born 1943), American historian
  • Mary Jo Buttafuoco (born 1955), American writer and motivational speaker
  • Mary Jo Catlett (born 1938), American actress
  • Mary Jo Chelette (1939–1984), American nation singer
  • Mary Jo Codey (born 1955), American healthcare activist
  • Maryjo Cohen, American industry government
  • Mary Jo Daley (born 1949), American baby-kisser
  • Mary Jo Deschanel (born 1945), American actress
  • Mary Jo Duffy (born 1954), American comedian ebook editor and author
  • Mary Jo Estep (1909 or 1910—1992), Shoshone bloodbath survivor
  • Mary Jo Eustace (born 1962), Canadian actress and chef
  • Mary Joe Fernández (born 1971), American tennis participant
  • Mary Jo Fisher (born 1962), Australian baby-kisser
  • Mary Jo Foley, American author
  • Mary Jo Freshley (born 1934), American Korean dance teacher
  • Mary Joe Frug (1941–1991), American criminal pupil
  • Mary Jo Haddad, Canadian nurse and well being care government
  • Mary Jo Heath (born 1954), American radio track host
  • Mary Jo Keenen, American actress
  • Mary Jo Kilroy (born 1949), American legal professional and flesh presser
  • Mary Jo Kopechne (1940–1969), American secretary
  • Mary Jo Leddy, (born 1946), Canadian author and activist
  • Mary Jo Markey, American tv and picture editor
  • Mary Jo McGuire (born 1956), American baby-kisser
  • MariJo Moore, American author
  • Mary-Jo Morell (born 1937), nom de plume of German author Doris Gercke
  • Mary Jo Nye (born 1944), American historian of science
  • Mary Jo Ondrechen (born 1953), American chemist
  • Mary Jo Pehl (born 1960), American author, actress, and comic
  • Mary Jo Peppler (born 1944), American volleyball participant and trainer
  • Mary Jo Perino, American tv sports activities journalist
  • Mary Jo Podgurski, American healthcare educator
  • Mary Jo Putney, American writer
  • Mary Jo Randle (born 1954), English actress
  • Mari-Jo P. Ruiz, Filipina mathematician
  • Mary Jo Salter (born 1954), American poet
  • Mary Jo Sanders (born 1974), American boxer
  • Mary Jo Slater (born 1946), American casting director and manufacturer
  • Mary-Jo Starr (born 1959), degree title of Australian actress, director and singer Kaarin Fairfax
  • Mary Jo Tarola (1928–2017), delivery title of American fashion and actress Linda Douglas
  • Mary Jo Taylor (born 1953), American baby-kisser
  • Mary Jo Tiampo (born 1962), American freestyle skier
  • Mary Jo Watson, Seminole artwork historian
  • Mary Jo White (born 1947), American legal professional and civil servant
  • Mary Jo White (Pennsylvania baby-kisser) (born 1941), American state senator
  • Mary Jo Wilhelm (born 1955), American baby-kisser
  • Mary Jo Wills (born 1951), American diplomat
  • Mary-Jo Wormell (born 1947), delivery title of British author Mary Lyons

Fictional characters with the title come with:


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