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Style Media (Simplified Chinese language: 麻豆传媒;Conventional Chinese language: 麻豆傳媒;Pinyin: Mádòu Chuánméi) is a US registered pornographic web page generating motion pictures in Chinese language.[1][2] It recruits porn actors and actresses in mainland China and Taiwan. The content material of its motion pictures is basically impressed by means of the storylines of Jap grownup movies. Even though actors and actresses are most commonly Taiwanese, the movie makers require them to talk in mainland Chinese language accents and diction, and the covers, subtitles and commercials are all in simplified Chinese language.[3]

On the finish of 2020, its app was once at the checklist of the ones introduced by means of the Our on-line world Management of China to be wiped clean up and brought down.[4] In January 2022, police of Shanghai town rushed to Guangdong and Sichuan provinces to arrested 24 participants of Style Media.[5]

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