Music icon Beyoncé continued laying emphasis on the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on hard-hit black communities within the us.

The Halo hitmaker, 38, was a part of the One World: Together reception broadcast led by Lady Gaga, when she talked about the virus taking the globe under its firm grasp.

“Tonight, we celebrate true heroes, people who are making the final word sacrifice to stay us all safe, fed, and healthy. To the doctors, the nurses, and other healthcare workers who are far from their families, taking care of ours, we still pray for your safety,” she said beginning her message.

“To those within the food industry, mail carriers, sanitation employees, who are working in order that we are able to be safe in our homes, we thanks for your selfless service,” she continued.

The singer revealed that while the communicable disease has affected a majority of the worldwide population, it’s “killing black people at an alarmingly high rate”.

“Black Americans disproportionately belong to those essential parts of the workforce that don’t have the posh of acting from home. And African American communities at large are severely affected during this crisis,” she said.

“Those with preexisting conditions are at a fair higher risk. This virus is killing black people in an alarmingly high rate here in America. A recent report from my home city Houston, Texas it showed that COVID-19 deaths within Houston city limits, 57 per cent of fatal cases are African American,” she added.

She further urged the viewers to remain reception and keep themselves protected: “We are one family, and that we need you. we’d like your voices, your abilities, and your strength everywhere this world. I do know it’s extremely hard, but wait, stay encouraged, stay positive, and still pray for our heroes. Goodnight and God bless you.”