My brother is a civil engineer and is well qualified from a prestigious institution. He is unable to get any job owing to the prevalence of nepotism in the system. The main reason for his unemployment is the nepotism prevalent in the system. Nepotism is defined as the practice of making employment on the basis of the relationship. It can be further explained as hiring or promoting a relative or a friend when there are other more qualified candidates for this

This term is derived from the Greek word “NEPO” which means nephew. This originated with the assignment of nephews to an important position by catholic popes and bishops. Nepotism has been criticized since ancient time by several philosophers including ‘Aristotle’, ‘Valluvar’ and ‘Confucius’. One of the most infamous events in world history is the assassination of Roman politician Julius Caesar who involved nepotism. Instead of appointing a close political ally, Caesar willed his position as dictator and his fortune to a grand nephew, Octavian, who would become the first Roman emperor and take the name, Caesar Augustus.

As far as Pakistan is concerned, nepotism is very common and is seen in both the public and private sectors. For example; respected ex-prime minister of Pakistan and also a businessman, Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif. He gave key positions to his loved ones in government sectors. Not only, Nawaz Sharif, but there are also too many cases in this country regarding nepotism.

So here the question arises about the basic reasons for nepotism in Pakistan. The answer to this question is extremely complex but on the basis of observations, I concluded two reasons. The first reason is Extremely strong tribal or clan mentality. The chief and feudal in the rural patronage give favours to the political elements. These favors highly contribute to the nuisance of nepotism. The other reason behind nepotism in Pakistan is lack of respect for the law, most of the time the key position holder in the public sector bypass rules and regulations in order to piece their loved ones. Both of these reasons are not just exclusive rather than they complement each other.

The main consequence of nepotism is lower employee morale, which means the loss in profit which can cause the employees to focus less on the customer and more on complaining.

The employees feel unappreciated and in the result, they lose their motivation to achieve their goals and accomplish their tasks day-to-day which affects the development of the country. There are also many major consequences but all of them are not highlighted at a time. If these issues are not overcome we will face the major disaster in the future.

From all the above aspects it is concluded that the nepotism is like a termite attack on a house. The best control of reforms in the system and the discouragement of such behaviours can act as viable solutions of this muddle.

Submitted by “Laiba Nasar”