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Nhandu coloratovillosus often referred to as the Brazilian Black & White Tarantula or the Bombardier Tarantula, is a species of tarantula first described by means of Günter Schmidt in 1998. They’re discovered within the grasslands of Brazil and Paraguay, and are terrestrial tarantulas.[1]


Women reside 15 years, whilst men best to 4 years.[1] Their carapace is black, with an alternating black and white development, beginning with black and finishing with black. Their legs and opisthosoma are coated in orange hairs, making the white portions of the legs glance grimy. Their opisthosoma is black coated in lengthy orange hairs.


They’re discovered within the grasslands of Brazil and Paraguay. Those grasslands might achieve temperatures of as much as 35ºC, and are within the negatives throughout iciness. In those grasslands there’s a median once a year rainfall of one,200mm.[2]


They’re terrestrial tarantulas, every with their very own character. Some are extremely docile, whilst others are far more worried and skittish. Despite the fact that will have to of them are prepared to fling urticating hairs.[1]



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