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Nin-kalla used to be the spouse or concubine of Shulgi, 2d king of the 3rd Dynasty of Ur. her identify is Sumerian and method treasured sister. The identify used to be quite common making it continuously tricky to spot the queen within the historical souces as there have been additionally different top standing girls with that identify. Nin-kalla is principally recognized from financial texts appearing that she used to be in command of land and its stuff. Different tusks and are living occasions are much less widely recognized.

Nin-kalla used to be in all probability residing in Nippur, whilst she traveled for spiritual gala’s to Ur and Uruk too From other texts it kind of feels transparent that she used to be working the palace at Nippur within the latter years of Shulgi’s reign. This integrated the kitchen, however she used to be additionally in command of feminine performers. Different resources point out that she controlled additional really extensive sources reminiscent of livestock and land. Nin-kalla survived king Shulgi and retired in Nippur the place she used to be nonetheless in rate on estates, a few of them closely curious about wool prodution.




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